Crisis Management

The coronavirus outbreak has turned the way we live and work on its head within such a short space of time, in a way we couldn’t possibly have imagined. When the local situation forced our Shanghai team to start working from home at the end of January/early February, we genuinely didn’t think that this would soon become the case for staff at all our locations.

Our lives have become more uncertain. The pandemic and the Ukraine conflict have erased certainties that were taken for granted. That’s why efficient crisis management and forward-looking risk management are more important today than ever before.

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Three pillars of stability: liquidity, EBITDA, and supply chain

In order to remain capable of acting even in times of crisis, it is essential to continuously monitor the three dimensions of liquidity, earnings and supply chain and to carry out forecasting as precisely as possible.

General rule

Try to keep things running as usual with your partners in the supply chain, so you can get back to normal as quickly as possible after the crisis.

Provide a stable foundation during the crisis and optimize your working capital for a return to normality.


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It is likely that not all of the revenue losses can be recouped by increased sales after the lockdown. Find out how you can still improve your overall result.


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In times of crisis, production capability has to be maintained. But after the crisis, it is pivotal to make the supply chain more resilient and sustainable.


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Risk Management Study

Our recent risk management study shows that Corona was the wake-up call for many companies to establish structured risk management. This includes:

  • Transparency about their own supply chain
  • Identification of supply risks
  • Prioritization of requirements
  • Development of measures

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Our crisis Management Insights

Risk Management

Supply Chain Security Continues to Plague European Companies

An in-depth Risk Management study, conducted by leading strategic procurement and supply chain management consultancy, INVERTO, part of the BCG network, has found several insights into the industry.

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Risk Management: Security of supply is the top priority

Nine out of ten respondents were affected by delivery failures last year. Nevertheless, the number of those who invested in strategic risk management and corresponding digital solutions stagnated.

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