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Studying at university is great because you can hit the ground running when you graduate. We are looking for intelligent, friendly graduates, who can directly participate in our projects.

Because Very INVERTO means that we are not only consultants, but also doers. We never leave clients alone with our strategies, we implement them together. If you are just as results driven, then you would be very welcome here.

With a Bachelor’s degree you can join us directly as an Associate Consultant, with a Master’s degree as a Consultant. You will assume responsibility for the implementation of a sub-project at the client’s site and will be a member of a team of consultants. A very friendly one, by the way, because we all are.

If all goes well, (which we expect it will) the next level is already waiting for you. As a Senior Consultant, because we need those just as much. And we prefer to discover them in our own ranks.

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Very transparent: The application process

Telephone interview
(30 mins)

Round table
(Personal interview + case study + analytics test + presentation / 4 hours)

(Within 1 week)

Phone call? Email? Very willingly.

Please contact us if you are interested or have questions (or both!). We look forward to hearing from you.

Saskia Wolff
Teamlead Recruiting

+49 221 485 687-152

Claudia Pichler AP Austria

Claudia Pichler
Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

+ 43 (0) 664 - 88182 - 136

Merima Colak
Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding
Denmark & Sweden

+ 46 (0) 732 - 752 - 540

Direct entry. To get going very quickly

New beginnings are always just that. But don’t worry, when you join us, we will do everything we can to make you feel at home with us as soon as possible. We will familiarize you with the job and show you the most important processes. And then you can get started right away.

Your buddy, your career advisor, your perfect start

The best training? On the job. That’s where you can directly get going in a project and take over initial tasks. A buddy, i.e. an experienced colleague, will accompany you. By the way, you’ll have a buddy for the entire first year, so you are never alone when you need advice. You will have regular discussions with your advisor, who will accompany you throughout your career both professionally and personally. So you always get feedback you can rely on.

Going from strength to strength: your training

Once you are on board, you will be able to take advantage of our resources for your personal development. Training courses on Excel and PowerPoint, as well as on our sourcing software E-Contor, are part of your regular onboarding. Throughout your training, external trainers will educate you in interview management and presentation development. Our highly qualified internal trainers will teach you specialist topics such as negotiation skills. And they actually do that so well that our customers use our trainers too.

For high flyers: Masters, MBAs and PhDs

Mere further education not enough for you? No problem. We can also support you in your Masters, MBA or PhD studies, with the time you need for it and with professional and financial support.

Generalist and specialist in one: very INVERTO

University graduates are generalists by nature. We’ll make sure you broaden your horizons quickly, by working for different customers and industries, with growing areas of responsibility and tasks. In our Competence Centers you will specialize in specific topics, industries or categories.

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Very Inverto Insights

International growth: Malte’s road to Sweden

INVERTO has long been a well-established name in consultancy, particularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Over the past few years, we have also been expanding across Europe. Scandinavia is an exciting and promising prospect in this regard. Malte Böhmke (a senior consultant), has gone to work in Sweden, where he has done a great deal to contribute to INVERTO’s international success.

Pascal Kirchberg

Here to stay – Pascal Kirchberg first came to INVERTO as an intern, then worked with us on his master’s thesis. Now one of our consultants, he tells us about his career to date.

During my master’s course at the University of Cologne, for which I focused on supply chain management, I decided to do an internship in purchasing. I’d taken in-depth courses on the subject at university, and had wanted to gain more practical insights into it ever since. Because I’m very interested in consultancy generally, INVERTO was the perfect place for me to gain my first professional experience, in the form of an internship.

Inverto Jahrestagung Marrakesch; Consultants auf Jahrestagung; Beratertagung

The INVERTO annual conference. A conference like no other.

Sebastian Wellmann, Principal at INVERTO’s Cologne office, has already attended seven annual conferences. He tells us what makes the last weekend in September so special and why it creates such great and lasting memories for us. We’ve also spoken to some other colleagues about the conference over the past few days, so we’ll let you know what they thought too.

Nicolas Bühler, Project Manager at the Cologne office, shows how international an INVERTO project can be

We asked Nicolas Bühler about his first year at INVERTO. He’s already experienced a lot: from churrascarias in São Paulo to locked hotel doors in Paris. What’s that all about? Find out in his report...

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