Procurement & SCM for healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical technology

The efficiency of the health care system is measured by its ability to cure more and more ailments. At the same time, risks are to be minimised and, despite an ageing society, the total expenditure for the system is not to grow unchecked. Procurement and supply chain management are the key to success.

Procurement & SCM for Healthcare

The entire healthcare sector has been struggling for years with increasingly complex regulations on the one hand and massive cost pressure on the other. In addition, many companies continue to incur extremely high development costs compared to many other industries. The digitization of the healthcare sector also plays a decisive role in shaping future business models. The opportunity to break free of these constraints lies in the professionalization of purchasing and supply chain management. This applies equally to healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and medical technology manufacturers, even if the challenges in the three pillars of the healthcare industry are different. Our healthcare experts advise and support you in optimally setting up purchasing and SCM for your individual needs.

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