The big question: so, what’s it like working at INVERTO?

What’s it like working at an international consultancy specializing in strategic procurement and supply chain management? What makes the people at INVERTO tick? What career paths and opportunities are available? At career fairs, events, and webinars, you’ll get to know us as we really are – authentic, enthusiastic, and happy to answer your questions. You’ll experience our unique culture up close. From your first impressions and inspiring conversations in a relaxed atmosphere to valuable training sessions.


Some upcoming INVERTO career fairs and events


08.-09.08.2024 | INVERTO Sapphires Event | INVERTO Office Cologne


12.09.2024 | MSC Workshop & Networking | Maastricht University

24.09.2024 | Career Fair | Linköping University

25.09.2024 | PIMS & CEMS | INVERTO Office Cologne

26.09.2024 | JCT Event | FAU Nürnberg-Erlangen

Women in Consulting Insights Day





This event format is open to female students, graduates, and professionals interested in exploring opportunities in management consulting. Are you approaching the end of your studies or have you recently graduated and contemplating a transition to a career in management consulting? Are you curious about the industry and looking to learn more? Then join our next Women in Consulting Insights Day!