More performance and higher value creation in procurement and SCM

We are one of the leading consultancies for procurement and supply chain management in Europe and have been supporting renowned companies with our expertise for over 20 years. Through our structured knowledge management, we have specialised industry and professional knowledge that we are constantly expanding.

We combine industry knowledge with expertise

We drive the further development of procurement on three levels: As a co-sourcing partner, we support your procurement with our expertise to achieve immediately effective and measurable results. As a transformation partner, we develop a custom-fit industry-specific strategy for your procurement as well as your supply chain management and anchor it sustainably in your company.

This puts you in an optimal position for future opportunities and challenges. Digital solutions create transparency, increase the speed of transactions and enable the automation of processes. We analyse the maturity level of your company, work out the next development steps with you and advise on the selection and implementation of software solutions.

As Transformation Partner

we support „hands-on“ to realize fast and sustainable impact.




As Co-Sourcing Partner

we create a value focused and digital enabled procurement organization.

>> We deliver results

  • Reduce costs and generate cash
  • Achieve tangible impact from advanced cost levers
  • Stabilize supply

>> We build future performance!

  • Transform procurement and manage dynamic change
  • Build critical skillsets
  • Enhance supplier networks and manage risks

>> We turn digital technology into value creation!

  • Set up control tower to facilitate end to end transparency
  • Select smart investments and deploy use cases
  • Establish digital, data-driven procurement & supply chain excellence applying practice proven solutions

Sustainable transformation, results-oriented co-sourcing

Procurement optimisation is always about increasing value creation for the company in order to remain competitive in the long term. To achieve this, focusing solely on cost optimisation is no longer sufficient, even though this is still a component of many of our projects and we actively support our clients as co-sourcing partners.

Furthermore, procurement and supply chain management are facing a sustainable transformation. Strategic cooperation with suppliers is increasingly coming to the fore, as is their deeper integration into our own value creation. In future, it will be indispensable to include sustainability criteria. However, this also means that supply chains are becoming more complex and thus the risks for companies are increasing. Here, we develop concepts and strategies and support implementation.

Digitalisation offers excellent opportunities to optimally set up procurement and supply chain management. However, many companies are faced with the question of which areas to digitise first, which solutions are suitable for their needs and how to network different tools. After an in-depth process analysis and optimisation, we define the priorities together with our clients and determine the development steps towards digitalised procurement.

A profound change in the organisation only works with the acceptance of all those involved and with a sustainable anchoring of the new processes. We accompany this development with professional change management. To practise new skills or behaviour patterns, we offer our clients’ procurement teams task-related training and individually tailored further education.

Energy Management

Digital Procurement & Advanced Analytics

Sustainable Procurement

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Cost Optimization

Procurement Transformation

Risk and Supplier Management

Supply Chain Resilience

Training & Building Skills