Cost optimization:

After a detailed analysis of your direct and indirect requirements, we develop an action plan by identifying the optimal levers for each product group. As a rule, we start with categories in which we can realize quick wins – rapid savings results that become immediately visible in the P&L. Using methods such as demand management and cost structure analyses, we put specifications to the test and uncover inefficiencies that lead to further savings.

Procurement transformation:

As part of the optimization process, we also put the procurement organization of your portfolio companies to the test. We support you in formulating procurement strategies, optimize procurement processes and further develop the organisation. This also includes the accompanying implementation of change management measures and training programs.

Digitization of procurement:

We help with digitalisation projects with our expertise in various industries – from the implementation of e-sourcing tools and the digitalisation of procurement processes to powerful data analyses and dashboards.

Working capital optimization:

In order to secure the solvency of your portfolio companies and avoid unnecessary surpluses, we optimise payment flows and inventories and thus ensure an working capital is optimized.

Scope 3 Decarbonization

We create visibility of your portfolio companies’ scope 3 emissions by developing a Carbon-Cube. This allows us to identify and deliver procurement opportunities to reduce net emissions in the supply chain.