Leading, motivating and doing. Typical INVERTO Professional

You have already worked as an executive and have also gained experience in management consulting. To join us as a (Senior) Project Manager you will have 4-8 years of relevant professional experience, and as a Principal you will have 7-12 years. You also know how important it is to work in a friendly, fair and easygoing environment. If that applies to you, then you are very welcome to join our Leadership Team.

You will gain a new perspective on procurement and supply chain management and at the same time, you will contribute your experience and expertise to the project work for our customers.


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Please contact us if you are interested or have questions (or both!). We look forward to hearing from you.

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Talent Acquisition Coordinator Germany Contact

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You´ll never walk alone: Your onboarding.

We will help you to quickly find your way around our corporate culture and structure, to get to know the processes, and to familiarize yourself with the structure and procedure of our projects. You will be given the necessary time to internalize our strategy, get to know your new colleagues and share experiences with other managers.

This will enable you to take over the management of a customer project and lead your team after a short time. You will take on responsibility and be able to familiarize yourself even more deeply with the company environment and the project situation.

Your sponsor will ensure a successful integration, will be close to you professionally and help to network you both inside and outside the company.

Your Career Advisor, usually one of our Managing Directors, will accompany you throughout your career as your contact person for your professional and personal development.

You never stop learning: Your learning opportunities

Even as an experienced manager you can always develop more. Our extensive training modules will ensure that your skills become superpowers. In addition to many standard modules, we can also provide you with individual training measures that continuously sharpen both your professional and leadership profile.

Thought Leadership through our Competence Center.

In our Competence Centers, our employees deal with relevant trends and future developments in procurement and supply chain management, functions or requirement categories. They deepen their knowledge, structure it and further develop the expertise of INVERTO. This is where you can contribute your many years of experience to the Competence Centers and position yourself as an expert.

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