Procurement optimization in logistics and infrastructure

The requirements for logistics and infrastructure companies are extremely complex – a multitude of partners must be coordinated for an optimal process flow. To optimally control these and to network them in a digitally meaningful way is a mammoth task in which procurement plays a leading role.


Shaping the future of mobility and logistics

In the past, globalisation and growing prosperity ensured a positive development in the movement of people and goods worldwide. The mobility and logistics sector is also in the spotlight in the effort to shape a more sustainable and climate-friendly future. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted global supply chains in many places. Here, logistics companies in particular are in demand; they must expand their partner network and efficiently design and digitalise processes due to the good order situation and the endeavour to guarantee ever shorter and precise delivery times that can be tracked down to the last mile.

In passenger transport (long-distance and local transport, as well as air transport and related infrastructure), many companies massively reduced their capacities during the Corona crisis and are now in the process of managing the restart reliably, quickly and cost-efficiently. In all cases, professional procurement processes and unlocking potential are essential to ensure resilience and sustainability of supply chains and create space for innovation and investment in the future.

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Increasing profitability in logistics and mobility companies

The procurement needs of logistics and mobility companies are characterised by a high proportion of investments in infrastructure, vehicles and the procurement of operating resources and services. The industry is no longer limited to the pure transport of people or goods. Today, the airline offers all services related to travelling, the transport company takes care of the entire flow of goods from production to ordering to payment of the customer.

As a consequence, the procurement of services and service partners, optimally networked on the IT side, plays a far greater role than in other industries. The corresponding requirements are increasing and becoming much more complex. We support you in identifying potentials and achieving sustainable optimisations. In addition, we support you in setting up your procurement for the future – through suitable organisational structures, buyer roles and efficient, digitalised processes.

In which areas can we support logistics companies?

We analyse your end-to-end processes, including all warehouses and operating locations, and identify suitable levers to increase process stability and reduce process cycle times. In addition, we have benchmarks for your SG&A functions and conduct a pragmatic assessment with a focus on personnel cost reduction and optimisation of the functional operating model (efficiency & effectiveness).

We support you in optimising your organisational structures, help you to optimally allocate capacities and define roles in procurement, and ensure through accompanying change management and training programmes that the change processes are also anchored in your employees’ minds.


Procurement Transformation

Using a spend cube, we analyse your cost structures and identify potential savings in all service areas by comparing them with benchmarks. In addition, we define the actual requirements with you, review your service level agreements and talk to your partners to optimise the price structures and your partner network.


Advanced Analytics

With the help of advanced analytics, we analyse your buying volume and identify savings potential in all areas by comparing it with benchmarks. We have benchmarks for standard market service requirements, e.g. in the product groups IT, contracts for work and services and facility management. In “Challenger Workshops” together with procurement and relevant demand drivers, we define the actual demand required, review your service level agreements and talk to suppliers to optimise pricing structures and your partner network. With this demand-driven approach, cost optimisation > 25% is often possible.


Digital Procurement

Together with you, we create a target picture for risk management and agree on risk criteria and levers. In doing so, we analyse your procurement and your partner network also with regard to the ESG criteria and requirements of the Supply Chain Act, recommend adjustments in your procurement processes and derive concrete preventive and remedial measures.


Risk Management

We work with you to develop a supplier management process and put together a suitable toolbox for procurement. We support them in identifying new, cost-efficient, innovative suppliers and further develop existing supplier relationships.


Supplier Management

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