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The number of female consultants is steadily increasing, but still too slowly.
We want to change that – and we’d love to welcome you in our team!






Win-win is what you say when everyone involved wins – which is why we found the name WIN so apt for our program. Because we are convinced: As a woman at INVERTO, you win the chance for an exciting career in an inspiring environment. As a woman at INVERTO, you are an asset to us because you contribute your skills and your commitment and thus advance our customers and our team.

We have created specific offers and networks so that women can develop at all career levels with us and take on leadership responsibility at an early stage. We present some of them here. Feel free to contact our recruiting colleagues to find out more. We look forward to meeting you!

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The Women@INVERTO-Network

The Women@INVERTO network offers colleagues from all career levels and areas the opportunity to network. Among other things, we invite experienced professionals to our "Fireside Chat" in order to gain a wide range of perspectives across sectors and industries. The discussions are not only interesting for female INVERTOs - our male colleagues are an integral part of this network, which currently includes a more than 120 INVERTOs.

Equal Pay

When it comes to compensation, we believe there is no other way than equal pay: A transparent system assigns a clearly defined salary to each career level based on performance. This means that women and men in the same positions are paid the same. We also base your career progress purely on your individual performance. In regular feedback meetings, we talk about what we are expecting t from you to reach the next level.

What our colleagues say

Find out from our colleagues what it’s like to work for us and what tips they have for newcomers.



Video with Simone, Managing Director from Cologne


Our WIN program enables flexible development. I don't have to fit into a particular role model, but can focus on developing my personal strengths.
Larissa Rudolphi Project Manager from Cologne
What makes WIN special for me, is being part of a network with regular exchanges or discussion groups. The chance to meet colleagues outside of project work, and gain new perspectives.
Eileen Kaufmann Senior Consultant from Cologne
The “Women’s Mentee Masterclass” is really something special. In these training sessions, women at similar career stages are given the space to discuss important topics. This strengthens our network immensely.
Katharina Erfort Principal from London
I firmly believe that diverse teams bring the greatest possible benefit to our customers - and that's exactly what we're working on with WIN. Through various programs, our female colleagues can network even better and share their perspectives and experiences with each other.
Cindy Oswald Project Manager from Munich
I am very proud that we now have a mentorship program for our female leadership, that we have established a network where we regularly conduct exciting events, and that we increase our recruiting efforts to recruit more diverse talents.
Joline Langhans Senior Project Manager from Cologne
I value the exchange and networking with other women in consulting - the WIN Connect Day is a real highlight. It is inspiring and helpful to learn what challenges other women have faced and how they have overcome them.
Sophie Hoverath Consultant from Munich
In my opinion a project’s success is based on mixed and diverse teams. Among others, women are perceived to be the better relationship- and stakeholder managers from which any project can benefit from.
Verena Wenzl Project Manager from Munich
WIN supports to improve the current situation of women in consulting - both inside and outside INVERTO.
Margherita De Vivo Consultant from Milan

Insights into our WIN Connect Day 2023

Once a year, all participants of the WIN community come together at the WIN Connect Day to network and discuss, among other things, how women can be empowered.


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