Use of cookies

Due to the importance of data protection and our commitment to transparency, you will find information below about the cookies that are used on our website. On the other hand, you will be informed about your options if you wish to deactivate these cookies.

  1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are left on your terminal device (computer, tablet computer or smartphone) when you visit a website. This allows the website to recognise your device when you click through to the site (and possibly when you return at a later date) to make it easier for you to use the pages and to personalise them.

The following terms can help you understand and control cookies:

First-party Cookies

Cookies that are installed on your device by the website operating organisation are called “first-party cookies”.

Third-party Cookies

Cookies that are installed on your device through the website you are visiting are called “third-party cookies”. This is, for example, a cookie installed by a website analytics company to provide the website operator with information about the number of visitors to their website.

Permanent Cookies

So-called “permanent cookies” remain on your device even when you close your internet browser. They are activated each time you visit the website that generated the cookie. For example, if a website uses a “permanent cookie” to remember your login details, you will not have to enter them every time you visit the website.

Session Cookies

“Session cookies”, on the other hand, are not stored permanently and are usually used to serve a website, for example by allowing a user to move from one page to another without having to log in again. As soon as you close your browser, all session cookies on your computer are deleted.

Flash Cookies

“Flash cookies” are installed by websites that contain media (e.g. video clips). This requires Adobe Flash software. This allows content to be downloaded more quickly and information to be stored, e.g. that the content was accessed from your device.

  1. Which Cookies do we use?

We distinguish between cookies that are essential for the technical functions of the website and optional cookies.

2.1 Technically essential cookies

We need technically essential cookies to ensure that our website functions smoothly, e.g. for navigation and to be able to display all elements. Technically essential cookies are used exclusively by us and are therefore “first-party cookies”. Furthermore, these are so-called “session cookies”, these are only stored for the duration of your browser session.

We use the following technically essential cookies:

You can access our used technically essential cookies at any time in the Privacy Settings using the fingerprint button on the left-hand side.

The use of technically essential cookies on our website is possible without your consent. For this reason, technically essential cookies cannot be individually deactivated or activated. However, you have the option to generally deactivate cookies in your browser at any time (see section 3.1).

2.2 Optional Cookies

Optional cookies are cookies that are only used after you have given your consent. Your consent is voluntary and can be revoked at any time with effect for the future (see section 3.2).

We use the following optional cookies:

You can call up the optional cookies we use at any time in the Privacy Settings using the fingerprint button on the left-hand side and activate or deactivate their use.

  1. How can you control cookies?

3.1 Changing your browser settings

You can set your Internet browser to generally prevent cookies from being saved on your end device or to ask you each time whether you agree to cookies being set. Once cookies have been set, you can delete them at any time.

You can find out how to manage your cookie settings in the help function of your browser. You can find detailed instructions for the most common browsers at:

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox



Please note that a general deactivation of cookies may lead to functional restrictions of our website.

3.2 Revocation of consent given by you

You can revoke your consent to cookies at any time by accessing the Privacy Settings using the fingerprint button on the left-hand side and clicking on “Deny”. This will deactivate all cookies that are not technically essential. You can also deactivate individual cookie categories using the slider and confirm this selection with the “Save Services” button.

HERE you will find our general data protection information.