International consultancy for procurement & supply chain management

As an international consultancy, we are one of the leading specialists for strategic procurement and supply chain management in Europe. We identify and realize potential for cost reduction and process optimization for our clients and support them in the transformation of procurement.

2000 founded
2000 founded

As specialists in procurement and supply chain management, we have over 20 years of experience and are one of the leading management consultancies in Europe.

350 Employees
350 Employees

Our experts have extensive knowledge in procurement and supply chain management as well as excellent industry expertise.

9 Locations
9 Locations

Spread across nine locations in Europe and China, our international project teams are close to our clients.

BCG A BCG Company
BCG A BCG Company

As an independent subsidiary of BCG, we offer the best of both worlds: in-depth expertise and high strategic competence.

Ecologically well thought-out supply chains are indispensable in view of climate change and are also a strong competitive factor. Procurement is thus facing a profound transformation. We support our clients in this transformation.

Dr. Markus Bergauer, Co-Founder and Managing Director.

How we work

Procurement and supply chain management is key when it comes to strategic management, facing future challenges, and generating value for the entire company. Whether it’s decarbonization and sustainability, end-to-end digitalization, or supply chain reengineering and risk management: as a management consultancy with in-depth expertise and many years of project experience in procurement and SCM, we develop individual solutions for your situation. Our mission is to anchor long-term competencies, allowing your teams to expand further and achieve successes independently.

INVERTO Consultants bei der Entwicklung einer Einkaufsstrategie

Clear focus on measurable results:

There is probably no other field where success can be measured as well as in procurement. The results of our work are directly visible, they increase efficiency and profitability. This applies to cost reductions, but also to the optimisation of performance. Since released funds are available for investments and innovations, projects in procurement can provide impulses for the entire company.

Perfect balance of theory and practice:

Our consultants not only work on customer projects, but also deal with current technical issues, industry-specific challenges or legal framework conditions within our Competence Centres. They prepare studies, whitepapers and professional articles in which they take a stand and give recommendations for action. Our aim is to further develop procurement in all its aspects and to define new standards. In this way, we support our clients in achieving the benchmarks in their respective industries.

Supporting project work with efficient procedures and tools:

In order to find the individually suitable solutions for our clients, we have relied on the use of digital tools from the very beginning. Today, we work with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. Our customers benefit from our many years of experience in procurement and supply chain management. Thanks to this expertise, we can evaluate the benefits of digital solutions and deploy them in a targeted manner.

Growth, results and team spirit

A good twenty years lie between our founding in Cologne by Markus Bergauer, Kiran Mazumdar and Frank Wierlemann and our current structure with over 350 employees at nine locations in eight countries. Such strong growth is only possible through a focus on results – and through a special team spirit that is important to all of us. We are convinced that competence and a willingness to perform are the basis for our success.

Internationally minded and networked, but at the same time regionally connected in order to understand the needs of our clients on site – to ensure that we succeed in this balancing act, we staff our project teams internationally and diversely. The goal is to offer our clients the consulting team with the optimal mix of industry and technical expertise to achieve the best possible results.

The same applies to our Competence Centres. This is how we ensure that our consultants exchange ideas and get the chance to learn from each other.

In the upcoming years, we will continue to expand the number of our locations and colleagues. Our goal is to get closer to you as a client in order to understand your challenges even better and to continue to grow together with you.

What our clients say about us

In a very successful project, INVERTO supported us in not only achieving our savings targets in the period, but even exceeding them. With the help of extensive auctions, we were able to stimulate competition between our suppliers and succeeded in breaking up previous structures. We were also able to win over new suppliers and integrate them into our portfolio.

Michal Svátek Director Global Continuous Improvement

INVERTO succeeded in engaging critical stakeholders and generating significant value in our joint project. The use and introduction of innovative methods, such as e-auctions and index-based pricing models, made a decisive contribution to the project's success. In addition, INVERTO made a valuable contribution to sustainably developing procurement activities and setting up a centrally managed purchasing organization for the future.

Matthias Ernst European Scrap Purchasing Director

INVERTO uses excellent consultants by the bank at Vaillant; your team works in a very structured and fact-oriented manner and has understood how to convince our organization of our project in a short time. I congratulate you on this team.

DR. Norbert Schiedeck Managing Director, Vaillant Group

In an interactive sales training with a high degree of practical relevance, our sales staff learned how to approach negotiations like buyers. This change of perspective has decisively changed our sales negotiations. Thanks to INVERTO, our employees now feel better prepared and can draw on professional methods and tactics to achieve better negotiation results - a decisive step in the further development of our sales.

Maryne Lemvik CEO

Our project with INVERTO has delivered a great result. In addition to the savings generated, which even exceeded the original project goal, our procurement organisation was professionalised and the procurement team trained. INVERTO always proceeded with the necessary pragmatism and sense of proportion; and that with the very highest quality of results.

Harald Ganster CEO

INVERTO has helped D.O.R.C. with the professionalization of the procurement organization and accompanied the supplier negotiations for various products and services. By implementing new processes and working with procurement staff, the achieved savings enhance sustainability and will result in a more profitable organization.

Marc Lamure Director

INVERTO has proven to be a strong partner for KION in the implementation of procurement potentials!

Christian Harm Head of Corporate Procurement

INVERTO delivered a very good project and understood how to reconcile different interests. It was also about leaving the comfort zone. It was very helpful that our board strongly supported this project. Together we were able to exceed our savings targets and now feel equipped to face the challenges of our market.

Jürgen Neitsch Head of Procurement

INVERTO has been instrumental in transforming procurement at LEONI. The team has strengthened the positioning of procurement in the organization, increased its effectiveness, and at the same time realized cost reductions above plan.

Dr. Frank Hiller Board of Directors, LEONI AG

We have clearly exceeded our procurement targets. INVERTO's procurement consulting, which is designed to bring about sustainable structural change, has made a decisive contribution to this

Christoffer Nyqvist Head of Category Management Indirects