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The stability of supply chains is currently the highest goal of supply chain management. In addition, the main focus is on increasing value creation – through process optimization, cost reduction, working capital management and as a promoter of compliance and sustainability issues.



Increase the performance of your entire supply chain

In the current economic situation, securing stable supply chains and building resilience is currently the most important task of supply chain management. In addition to resilience, companies increasingly have to consider aspects of sustainability in supply chains.

Due to our many years of expertise in supply chain consulting, we have extensive know-how and can support you in successfully implementing these changes.

Using our consulting approach, we analyse all areas of your supply chain with the help of tools and create individual measures for you to leverage the potential in your supply chain. We support you in implementing these measures in procurement, production, warehousing and logistics.

In addition, we support you with our comprehensive know-how in the sustainable optimization of your working capital.

Our supply chain consulting services

With the help of our Supply Chain Performance Check, we can quickly tell you where you stand and identify optimization potential based on industry-specific benchmarks. We pay particular attention to analyzing the current maturity level and look at the individual sections of your supply chain in detail using individually defined KPIs.

With the help of established methods such as value stream mapping, we visualize your processes along the entire supply chain. On this basis, we derive optimization measures – from increasing efficiency in procurement, to reducing inefficiencies in the warehouse, to optimizing your lead times.

We create transparency about inventories and define delivery service levels in order to reduce superfluous inventories. This enables you to reduce capital commitment and achieve higher liquidity and creditworthiness. In addition, we optimize payment throughput and operational processes to sustainably improve your financing leeway and payment flows.


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We create transparency in your spare parts warehouse, track down “dead stock”, and create an overview of service provider contracts and maintenance rhythms. Based on our project experience, we define maintenance strategies and implement spare parts and contractor management processes in your company.

We support you in the selection of locations and the optimization of your transport routes and service providers with our many years of project experience and powerful digital tools. In addition to cost factors and transport times, we also consider risk and sustainability factors.

We help you to tap potential in the area of warehousing. In addition to optimizing storage costs and reducing working capital, we also focus on process optimization. We look at all fulfilment and warehouse logistics processes, and support you in making them as cost-effective and efficient as possible.

We help you identify and implement professional risk management. After a performance check, we develop the necessary processes and procedures. These include long-term preventive measures and the implementation of a modern reporting system for proactive risk management. In addition, we can also support you in taking short-term measures to minimize risks.


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We support you in securing full control over your supply chain by setting up an IT-based instance. Together with you, we set up a supply chain control tower, create dashboards and define responsibilities and authorizations. In this way, we always create transparency in real time and ensure that all those involved cross-functionally have the necessary information to immediately identify disruptions in the supply chains.


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