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Corporate Functions: the glue that holds our consultancy together.

We advise companies all over the world and do so very successfully. But we ourselves are also a company. So, in order to be able to bring our first-class consulting power onto the road every day, we need colleagues who know how to do that.

As an employee in our Corporate Functions, you will work alongside your colleagues in Consulting. Regardless of the area you work in, from IT to marketing, HR to knowledge management, to office support- each one of us is important, and we’re most important when we’re together.

That’s very INVERTO.

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Saskia Wolff
Teamlead Recruiting

+49 221 485 687-152

Claudia Pichler AP Austria

Claudia Pichler
Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

+ 43 (0) 664 - 88182 - 136

Merima Colak
Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding
Denmark & Sweden

+ 46 (0) 732 - 752 - 540

Corporate Functions Inverto Karriere

Administration & Office Management

Many of us travel all around the world as consultants. This makes it all the more important that we can rely on our home base, our office. Because that’ s where all the operational threads come together. Administration & Office Management include our management assistants, reception and office assistants.

You and your colleagues support our managing directors, manage the reception desks and supervise the travel and fleet management.


This is where the densest payment traffic is regulated and routed in clear channels. A watertight, transparent and precise finance department is a matter of course for us as a respected consulting firm. But it is also a department that does the behind the scenes work, which can be multi-layered and complex. For us, finance means: Accounting, Payroll Accounting and Controlling.

The processing and accounting of travel expenses also falls under this department.

Human Resources.

Our growth is very dynamic. That’s because we do excellent work and are very successful in new business areas. Due to our rapid expansion, the career opportunities at INVERTO are enormous, for each and every one of us. That’s why we are an attractive employer who attract many interested parties. But we are also constantly looking for new colleagues for our locations. That’s why Human Resources has a special status at INVERTO.

Our international HR team works on talent acquisition as well as on employer branding and university marketing. The onboarding of new colleagues and the management of all career training and staffing processes is also in the hands of our HR.


We work very successfully for customers all over the world. On different projects, in many teams, in different countries, in numerous time zones. This is only possible because we are supported by our very dedicated IT department. It is the IT that links us directly and smoothly with each other and our customers at all times.

Our IT department provides various internal IT services for all INVERTO locations. These include the provision and maintenance of infrastructure and business applications as well as data security.

Knowledge Management

This department is the long-term memory of INVERTO.

This is where all previous and new experiences, which we gain from our projects are analysed and stored. Knowledge Management continuously collects, organizes and evaluates this data. And thus creates a constantly growing pool of knowledge that helps us to keep on getting better.

Marketing & Communications

INVERTO has long since become a recognized brand in the consulting business.

We owe this primarily to the excellent and successful work that we do for our clients. But equally to our marketing department, which ensures that as many potential clients as possible find out about us and our performance. The team uses all relevant standard and digital channels and publishes studies on trends in many industries.

It also advises the managing directors and colleagues in all aspects of press and public relations.

Your entry into our Corporate Functions

INVERTO is made up of international colleagues who work in different teams on different projects. When you join us, we make sure that everything runs smoothly. As soon as you’ve been provided with your IT equipment, we’ll take the time to familiarize you with our internal processes. You will get to know the departments and contact people and will be given an overview of our business model. In other words, what INVERTO does and how we differ from other consultancies. And all the questions that come to mind will be answered at the table… over lunch.

The journey is the reward

INVERTO is very successful and in order to keep it that way, we have to keep improving. That’s why the issue of further development is very important to us, in other words, personal development is very INVERTO.

Regardless of which function someone works in, we will work individually with you to decide which training is the most relevant for you, your position and your function. There are many areas in which you can expand your knowledge and skills: from tools to languages to specialist training, INVERTO is where everything is possible.

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