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Philipp MallManaging Director , Cologne


Areas of expertise

  • Automotive industry and suppliers
  • Engineered products and machinery
  • Process manufacturing
  • Construction and building materials manufacturing


Philipp Mall is a Managing Director at INVERTO, based in Cologne. As Head of the Competence Center Procurement Management, he is an expert in the areas of procurement organization and controlling, as well as in risk management and digitization. He is responsible for the annual risk management study.


Mall manages projects mainly in the mechanical engineering and process manufacturing industry. His focus mainly lies on procurement cost optimizations, make-or-buy strategies, category management and the sustainable implementation of procurement concepts.

Competence Center

Since there is a large number of digital solutions for various processes in procurement and supply chain management available by now, Philipp Mall and his Competence Center Team have developed the INVERTO Digital Solution Navigator. This tool provides a precise overview of the capabilities and requirements of the currently available offerings for the digital transformation of procurement and supply chain management.

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