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Philipp MallSystem Leader G&A, Italy & China | Managing Director, Cologne


Areas of expertise

  • Automotive industry and suppliers
  • Engineered products and machinery
  • Process manufacturing
  • Construction and building materials manufacturing


Philipp Mall is Managing Director at INVERTO and heads the Frankfurt office. In addition to his role as Managing Director, he also acts as System Leader G&A, Italy & China.


Mall manages projects mainly in the mechanical engineering and process manufacturing industry. His focus mainly lies on procurement cost optimizations, make-or-buy strategies, category management and the sustainable implementation of procurement concepts.

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Client Case

We were commissioned to introduce high-performance processes in procurement and to support the creation of a central digital platform for procurement.

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For a long time, risk management was a very abstract term that companies hardly cared about. It does not mean avoiding risks altogether, but identifying risks in good time and being able to react quickly.

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