INVERTO Supply Chain KPI Dashboard

We know what is important in a high-performance supply chain and how to measure it with the right key performance indicators (KPI), whether for industry or retail.


Increase of your process quality based on an integrated value stream analysis

The basic prerequisite for improving your supply chain performance is control of the relevant variables. To identify and mitigate risks at an early stage and realise development potential along the entire supply chain for the long term, it is vital to collect the right KPIs and interpret them correctly. Put your trust in our experience and proven system to achieve the targeted definition and measurement of the right metrics.

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Our services

We prepare the KPI dashboard specifically for your supply chain

We prepare the KPI dashboard specifically for your supply chain

When preparing the INVERTO KPI dashboard, we take into account relevant industry indicators as well as the most important KPIs in supply chain management, and work with you to define targets.

We implement an optimal performance indicator system for you

We implement an optimal performance indicator system for you

Our KPI dashboard allows us to provide a transparent data set for the targeted management of relevant processes, support you in interpreting the results and manage customised solutions based on measurements to improve your supply chain performance. As an implementation-oriented consultancy, we are also available to support you through the implementation of optimisation measures.


The results

  • Transparency in terms of supply chain performance
  • State-of-the-art SCM performance indicator system
  • Tailormade measures to improve performance for the long term


Our supply chain experts

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Our supply chain management insights


What can companies do now and how can they protect themselves against supply bottlenecks and rising freight prices in the long term?

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INVERTO Magazines

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