Near- and friendshoring: Increasing supply chain resilience

Explore the shift to nearshoring in global supply chains

Unlock the potential of near- and friendshoring strategies with our detailed, in-depth research based on recent survey insights. Discover how companies are planning to restructure their supply chains to enhance resilience, reduce costs, and meet sustainability goals. Download the full article to delve into the benefits, challenges and strategic implementations of near- and friendshoring across various industries.


What will you learn from the full article?

  • Strategic insights: Understand the motivations behind the shift towards near- and friendshoring, influenced by current geopolitical tensions and the desire for supply chain security.
  • Regional focus and benefits: Learn about the attraction to regions like Eastern Europe for sourcing, with their strategic advantages such as EU membership and established infrastructure.
  • Raw material considerations: Delve into how companies are addressing the challenges and opportunities in procuring raw materials through near- and friendshoring, including strategies to avoid supply bottlenecks and enhance the security of critical resources.
  • Operational and sustainability gains: Explore how nearshoring can reduce warehousing costs, quicken market response, and contribute to lower carbon footprints, thereby supporting broader decarbonization targets.
  • Risk management: Get an overview of the potential risks and the balanced, hybrid strategies that can help to mitigate them while maximizing the benefits of geographic proximity and global diversification.

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