Remote Training – Virtual training at your home desk

We also offer our procurement trainings as remote modules – the only chance in times of COVID-19 to provide adequate training for professionals and managers. Preparation and procedure are no different from our face-to-face training courses: each remote training is individually planned and tailored to our client’s needs.

Factors for successful remote trainings

We gained experience in remote training for buyers not least in when training and onboarding our new consultant staff: Our three-days onboarding courses have been successfully delivered via video conference (Skype / MS Teams).

Remote trainings also rely on interaction between trainers and participants – and in this respect,

they differ significantly from e-learning, where the learners work on prepared materials independently and subsequently receive their feedback in response to submitted tasks.

The advantage of remote training is that participants can join from anywhere, provided they have internet access and a computer.

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Our technical solutions

With Microsoft Teams, we have a modern video conferencing solution that enables sophisticated remote training. Training materials can be presented digitally and questions and answers are possible at any time via chat and audio function – just like in a face-to-face training. Breakout sessions also allow tasks to be worked on virtually in small groups or presentations to be created. Our clients do not need any additional software to participate in our remote training via Microsoft Teams – participation is conveniently possible via a purely web-based solution.

We understand that many clients still prefer face-to-face trainings – so do we. However, we are convinced that our remote training courses have provided a convincing answer to the current contact restrictions, which are usually regulated very differently from region to region, as well as for the procurement teams of our clients, which are spread over various locations.

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People Chair & HR | Managing Director Contact

Frank Albrecht

Principal Contact

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