Innovative upskilling program elevates procurement effectiveness for global multinational

Building capabilities in the construction industry

Our client is an Italian multinational company that specializes in products for the construction industry, including solutions for retaining structures, soil reinforcement, embankment stabilization, and various hydraulic and protective works. With 70 subsidiaries, 30 production facilities, and 3,300 employees, the company offers extensive technical support to designers, contractors, and end-users globally.

Objectives: Comprehensive upskilling program

We were commissioned to develop a comprehensive upskilling program to support the ongoing transformation and enhance effectiveness of the procurement management. This included training programs for developing procurement strategies, enhancing negotiation skills and actively managing risks.

Methods: Customized approach to address challenges inside the organization and elevate capabilities

Effective procurement training is critical for organizations aiming to improve their strategic sourcing, contract management, and risk mitigation capabilities. We designed a comprehensive program that was structured to combine theoretical concepts with practical applications and involved the use of customized case studies and scenarios relevant to the client’s business operations. This tailored approach ensures that the training content has maximum relevance for the participants and helps them to develop capabilities that will actually help them in their daily work.

Due to our client’s global set-up, there were a number of challenges that we had to solve as part of the upskilling initiative, including:

Diverse Knowledge Levels

The procurement staff across various regions possessed varying levels of procurement knowledge, posing a challenge in delivering uniform training. To address this, we encouraged the participation of the most experienced staff members, who attended and facilitated the training sessions. This approach not only fostered a collaborative learning environment but also enabled less experienced staff to benefit from the expertise of their more knowledgeable colleagues. This peer-to-peer learning model was instrumental in bridging the knowledge gap and promoting a culture of shared learning.

Time Zone Differences

Our client operates in multiple time zones, including ISEAP, China, NAM, EMEAR, and LATAM, making synchronous, in-person training sessions impractical. To ensure inclusivity and comprehensive participation, each 4-hour training session was repeated twice. This schedule accommodated the various time zones, allowing all regions to participate without disruption to their work schedules. The repetition of sessions ensured that no region was left out, and all participants received the same quality of training.


To cater to the diverse linguistic needs of the participants, 18 sessions were delivered in English, and 2 sessions were delivered in Spanish. This linguistic inclusivity ensured that language barriers did not impede the learning process.The upskilling program saw the participation of nearly 30 stakeholders across 20 sessions. The training content was actively refined based on participant feedback, with additional emphasis placed on crucial topics identified during the sessions. This responsive approach ensured the training remained relevant and effective.

Overall, the training program successfully enhanced the skills and knowledge of the procurement department, ensuring compliance with best practices and industry standards. The tailored approach and adjustments based on feedback were key to its success, setting a benchmark in procurement training excellence.

Results: Global procurement training initiative elevates skills and increases engagement

  • Increased Interest and Engagement: Staff members exhibited a strong interest in the training content, actively engaging with the material.
  • Enhanced Skills and Comprehension: Significant improvements were observed in the participants’ skills and understanding of strategic sourcing, contract management, and risk mitigation.
  • Professional Development: Participants acknowledged the training’s direct contribution to their professional growth and the success of procurement initiatives.

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