What’s your story Gökhan?

Hello, who are you and what brought you to INVERTO?

Hi. My name is Gökhan, but my family, friends and colleagues call me Gök.

I know I don’t look like, but according to my birth certificate, I’m already 40 years old. I reckon it must be a misprint!

I was born and raised in Schwelm, a lovely little town near Düsseldorf. As a mechanical engineer, I’m seen as quite an exotic creature by the rest of my colleagues, who mostly come from a business background. In the same way, I also took a rather uncommon route into consulting, via a number of detours. Before becoming a consultant, I spent a significant part of my time doing applied research in supply chain management at the Fraunhofer Institute and also working in industry. I joined INVERTO via an employee referral program.

Following several informal discussions with a friend working at INVERTO, we then started the official recruitment process. In my free time, in addition to my sports activities, I also attempt to develop my acting talent – which only I seem to be convinced I have – in a local drama group.

What are you doing at INVERTO?

I am a Managing Director at INVERTO and focus mainly on international projects in machine and plant engineering, as well as for the automotive industry. These are primarily projects that use re-structuring measures and negotiation management to achieve a sustainable increase in profitability. There is also a significant focus on supply chain finance at the moment – from the customer’s perspective as well as in internal product development. During my time working in research, I gained an interest in sharing knowledge and, in order to satisfy this, I also devote an increasing amount of my time to publish papers and articles on the subject of supply chain management.

Of course you found your dream job at INVERTO, but if you hadn’t, what would you have done? 

Well, let this be said first, that would have been a real shame, because working at INVERTO is the perfect match for me! But just in case I need a plan B: there are actually people who enjoy my dry sense of humor and who have often told me that I would have made a good comedian. Otherwise, I could definitely be extremely successful as a Michael Jackson double: my singing and dance moves are spot on – especially in the shower.

Do you have a favorite place?

New York has been my absolute favorite city for many years now, even though I haven’t actually been there for a long time. I always wanted to discover it properly with the woman of my dreams. And my wish came true! After waiting a long time for the right woman and the right moment, seeing New York live and in full color excited, inspired and motivated me – she said “yes” and we are now married.

Who was your personal childhood hero?

Not everyone will have heard of him, but Pan Tau was my absolute hero as a child. The combination of his visual appearance – always with a friendly smile and dressed elegantly in a stroller with a derby hat, umbrella and a white carnation in his buttonhole – and his magic skills enthralled me time after time as a small boy…


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