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INVERTO continues to grow – With the opening of our office in Madrid, we are bringing our procurement expertise to the Spanish market. In this interview, Managing Director Manuel Berlanga talks about the first few months at the new location, as well as his motivation and strategic vision for the team.

Please briefly describe your professional background and how you came to INVERTO.

I have worked in procurement for most of my career, including nine years in consulting and twelve years as a manager in various industries. During this time, I continued to work as a consultant, as I believe that procurement is key to optimizing costs and driving innovation for many companies. During my time in industry, I particularly missed the excitement that comes with fast-moving projects, the dynamics of continuous change, and the exceptional quality of work that is typical of consultants.

Why did you choose INVERTO?

I firmly believe that we add value through implementation and restructuring, not just designing a strategy. We are a procurement consultancy at heart – this focus allows us to develop extensive knowledge in different industries and areas. INVERTO’s corporate culture was also an important factor in my decision – because we really care about our employees.

How did you find your first few weeks?
Were your expectations met?

We initiated two projects at the same timeand had to quickly get familiar with additional stakeholders and two different corporate cultures. I am very grateful for the onboarding process and the support that the entire team in Madrid received from everyone. This allowed us to settle into our roles and develop skills in record time. I am overwhelmed by
the number of requests we have received from clients that we are unable to fulfill as we are at capacity until mid-2024. INVERTO really is in the fast lane!

Which topics do you particularly want to push forward?

I have experienced first-hand how natural language processing and generative AI can significantly improve procurement and simplify our work in implementation. Given our numerous projects and extensive data points, I believe we are well positioned to benefit from tools that expand our capabilities and influence. I have spent most of my career working in the industrial
goods sector. However, I find other industries such as the financial sector or the tourism industry particularly appealing.

How would you like to take the Madrid office forward and what are the key stages in building a new location and team?

Our employees are our strongest asset, so we want to invest not only in their training as consultants, but also in their procurement knowledge. We firmly believe that early involvement in client projects is the best way to build a strong foundation. Making the most of the experience of our global teams is the key to success. The entire team in Madrid recognizes that it is crucial to engage with our experts, be it our knowledge management or our industry/category experts. We continuously strive to collaborate with these experienced colleagues to maximize the added value of our projects. Furthermore, we firmly believe that nurturing and promoting our company culture is a cornerstone to success. We take our company values very seriously and make sure that we live by them. Our relationship with BCG is also critical to success, which is why we focus heavily on deepening relationships. With positive results, the INVERTO office is becoming increasingly popular with BCG offices in the Iberian Peninsula and South America. This popularity is particularly evident in the increased number of inquiries from various countries, but our focus currently remains on the Iberian Peninsula.

Based on your extensive international experience, what would you say are the biggest differences between the Spanish and other markets?

Business depends heavily on personal relationships, not only at the decision-making level, but also at the working level. It is essential that we build strong relationships with our clients at all levels in order to get the job done effectively.
Spanish companies do not rely on
consulting as much as other countries; for this reason, our approach to our clients must be more pragmatic. This means that clients do not expect comprehensive organizational assessments and long-term strategies on paper, but rather immediate implementation and cost reduction. The working style is more relaxed, as small talk and sociability are fundamental parts of the Spanish lifestyle. Also, our clients in Spain tend to be more lively, and body language and touch are important ways to build personal relationships.

What are the biggest challenges Spanish companies are currently facing?

The Spanish economy has recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, although the recovery process has been longer than expected. Political instability is preventing companies and industries from taking significant steps until the situation has stabilized. As Spain continues to experience a recession, companies remain in cost-cutting mode. The Spanish economy is heavily dependent on tourism and construction, which makes it particularly vulnerable to global economic fluctuations. The opportunities for INVERTO are significant, as even the largest companies, including the IBEX 35 and other globally recognized firms, have underdeveloped processes. This situation continuously opens up new opportunities for us.

How do you like to spend your free time?


It’s very important to me to spend a lot of time with my family. It’s especially fun when we travel together. We love good food and have made it our mission to explore a new restaurant every week, especially those with international cuisine. In my free time, I like to go jogging, cycling or swimming. My latest passion is playing soccer with my son.


Icon - What should definitely be on your bucket list for a trip to Madrid?

What should definitely be on your bucket list for a trip to Madrid?

Jogging in Retiro Park in the morning, visiting the Reina Sofia Museum, trying a bocadillo de calamar or cocido madrileño, and having a cocktail in one of the great rooftop bars in the evening.

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