Do you know what the long-term needs and requirements of internal users are?

Tip: Analyze performance requirements and forecasts, and coordinate with long-term plans for budget owners regarding the necessary requirements.

Can procured processes and services be defined, priced, and awarded by means of standards?

Tip: Standardize services and bundle them systematically.

Is strategic partner management based on clear and relevant KPIs carried out by cross-functional teams?

Tip: Establish expectations for strategic partners jointly with departments in adnavce. Track total cost and service performance systematically and quantifiably.

Are overarching processes, such as capacity and resource planning, information sharing, and performance monitoring optimized together?

Tip: Carry out supplier audits on common value-added processes,  joint semi-annual reviews of overarching processes e.g. along a value stream in order to systematically optimize cooperation.

Are all relevant colleagues (including those in day-to-day operations) informed appropriatly about cooperation (e.g. scope, orders, and billing mode)? Is there a handover from the project team to the operative team?

Tip: Brief/train relevant employees.

Is there continous comparison between existing contracts and market prices?

Tip: Tender out bundled requirements every two to three years.