INVERTOs new Managing Directors „Team on a Mission“


As well as driving growth at our new locations, we’re also maintaining a focus on ongoing development in our existing markets. With this in mind, we welcomed two new members to the team over the past year: Sushank Agarwal in London and Jürgen Wetzstein in Munich. Both of them have 20 years of experience in consulting and industry under their belts and we sat down with them to talk about what is currently at the top of their list of priorities …

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Could you give us a brief description of your current responsibilities?

Jürgen: My teams and I support customers from the automotive industry and the industrial goods sector to implement performance improvement and transformation projects. I’m also  responsible for the Indirect Spend Center of Excellence at INVERTO.

Sushank: I am responsible for the PIPE practice area, where we work in close collaboration with BCG to develop and deliver a portfolio of services to PE investors. As well as the private equity  sector, I primarily support clients from retail, consumer products and the telecommunications industries.

Thinking about everyday life in consulting, what drives you personally and what fascinates you in particular?

Sushank: No question: driving INVERTO UK’s sustainable growth by creating an enjoyable and steep learning environment for our consultants is paramount. That also includes aligning our  clients’ expectations with our team members’ aspirations and development needs: a positive working atmosphere creates the perfect conditions for developing innovative ideas to drive maximum value for our clients.

Jürgen: I agree with that, and I’m intrigued above all by the intelligent and highly motivated colleagues with whom I get to work and from whom I learn new things every day. The complex issues  are what fascinate me and what help us grow as a company. Life is never boring at INVERTO because every project is different on so many levels – the business problem, the client’s situation, the client’s project teams and stakeholders and, above all, the solutions that we come up with together.

Both of you have worked previously for other consulting companies. What do you think is special about INVERTO?

Jürgen: INVERTO has a distinctly unique culture. It’s open and friendly, there is no hierarchy, and it definitely has the feel of a “team on a mission”. The focus on procurement is a distinctive feature compared to the consulting companies I worked for
previously. This focus gives us an extraordinary depth of expertise and, in conjunction with BCG, we are leading the way with regard to the future of business and society.

Sushank: Being part of BCG is genuinely a unique competitive advantage that allows us to offer our clients truly holistic value propositions and keeps us a step ahead of other procurement consulting firms. The joint client value that combined BCG-INVERTO teams create is typically unmatchable by our competition. Another special aspect is the fact that INVERTO heavily prioritizes the wellbeing of its staff and teams – going an extra mile!

And where are we heading? As Managing Directors, what are your priorities for the coming years?

Sushank: Diversity is very close to my heart. We are currently working to make consulting more attractive for women and working parents. I want INVERTO to be the best employer for every consultant – whatever their nationality, gender, and personal circumstances, we want
to offer strong career growth prospects in an enjoyable environment that offers extensive learning opportunities. Leveraging our continued UK growth, we aim to be the partner of choice for FTSE 50 companies and leading PE firms.

Jürgen: We also want to keep driving growth in Germany, and to support INVERTO’s internationalization from here. We’ve just moved to a new and larger office in Munich, so we can create a working environment for our teams that is as attractive as possible. If we are to offer good opportunities for highly talented employees, I believe our priorities need to include continuing to position ourselves as thought leaders and developing solutions for the significant challenges the world is currently facing. Sustainability is an issue that is particularly close to my heart; we want to come up with innovative ideas to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Sustainability is definitely a key issue for customers right now. What are the other main challenges that you are currently working on?

Jürgen: We are living in difficult times and our clients are facing a multitude of challenges. Inflation, rising energy prices, and material shortages – semiconductors, for example – are definitely  the most urgent issues, while helping to develop supply chains that are both resilient and competitive is currently a priority for most projects.

Sushank: The situation is the same in the UK – ensuring supply reliability and fighting inflation are at the top of the list of priorities. As well as global crises, we are also dealing with Brexit,  which is creating additional capacity constraints and resource bottlenecks. Leading UK businesses are driving closer supplier relationships and innovation to mitigate some of the current business challenges.

After all of that, what do you do to unwind?

Sushank: Outside work, I try to catch up on sleep as much as possible and spend a time with my wife and our two children, go for walks in the park or for bike rides. I also use my weekends  specifically to go for long runs and spend time reading.

Jürgen: Yes, being able to relax is always important, and the best way for me to do that is being with my family and friends. I enjoy going to concerts and sport is another important way for me to really clear my mind.


Icon - If we were to visit where you work, what things should definitely be on our bucket list?

If we were to visit where you work, what things should definitely be on our bucket list?

Jürgen: You can’t visit Munich without going to the Viktualienmarkt food market. Apart from that, Munich is synonymous with socializing, our unique wheat beer, and traditional Bavarian  food. One of my favorite taverns is the “Servus Heidi”.

Sushank: I recommend a stroll along the River Thames when it’s quiet, on an early Sunday morning. In the evenings, London has some great bars and restaurants with wonderful views, like  the roof terrace at the Shard. The area around London is also always worth a visit; villages like Bourtonon-the-Water have a unique charm that is hard to resist.

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