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Denis Di Vito will strengthen our management team as Managing Director. Previously, he worked for well-known consulting firms and has specialized in procurement for around 15 years. Most recently, he led challenging transformation and carve-out projects in a wide range of industries at BCG. He will now use his many years of broad experience to establish the INVERTO location in France this year.

As a new face of INVERTO, can you first tell us something about your career?

After graduating in financial controlling, I had the opportunity to start working in an operational boutique consultancy in 2004. At that time, I was attracted by the opportunity to combine analysis, consulting and implementation. That was also my first point of contact with procurement, which was much less developed at that time than it is today.

The versatility and the fact that I could constantly expand my experience with new customers, topics and industries has kept me in consulting to this day. Over the years, I was able to continue climbing the career ladder until I then joined strategy consulting in 2011, which offered me a true end-to-end perspective – from very early problem identification to implementation, with all the analysis and change management activities in between.

How did the decision come about to switch back to procurement consulting at INVERTO?

Actually, INVERTO is the logical next step for me. It’s true, to a certain extent I’m going back to my roots. But being part of BCG gives me the unique opportunity to drive strategy topics forward at the same time. The task simply appealed to me – to build up a new location from scratch, with an exceptional brand and a strong customer base in the background.

In addition, after a very international career, I can now focus on my home country, France. I believe there is a market for our INVERTO model in France. Our offering is unique – because we go beyond traditional consulting to deliver real results. There are simply no direct competitors currently on this scale for the combination of strategy and implementation in procurement.

What do you see as the biggest challenges for French companies right now?

As in other countries, the Covid crisis is omnipresent and is currently having a major impact on overall demand. As a result a few companies are thriving but most have been hit hard and are struggling with issues such as declining profitability, high fixed costs that hinder agility, and supply chain disruptions. This further exacerbates already increasing complexity.

In the longer term, the biggest challenge will be to counteract process slowdown and additional bureaucracy by transforming procurement into a driver for agility. Companies need to find more creative and intelligent ways, benefit from their suppliers’ ability to innovate, and balance cost reduction while reducing their social and environmental footprint.

In this respect, the French market is not much different from other European markets.

What steps does INVERTO plan to take this year to gain a foothold in this market?

BCG’s Paris office is the undisputed market leader and we already took the first steps together last year by adding a new level to projects with our implementation orientation. Bringing in additional expertise, quick intervention and leveraging our unique benchmark database is crucial in this set-up, especially for transformation projects as well as in the private equity sector. We intend to further strengthen this this year with our own local office.

In addition, we are taking a very ambitious approach to building up our French business: We want to redefine the meaning of cost optimization. Even though cost reduction is high on the agenda of all managers, the topic has a negative connotation, as something that is no fun and consumes resources. But if we use a smart approach to cost reduction, it is a real value driver and can become a project of heart, especially when combined with trending topics like smart design, waste and CO2 reduction, agility and more.

Those are big plans for INVERTO and for you personally – what do you do to relax after work?

I try to create a balance between the fast-paced and intense workday and free time, what I call “slow life”. I just try to spend a lot of time with family and friends, cooking dinner, reading books or comics, walking in the park or playing video games with my two kids.

My favorite place to spend my vacation is in the French Southern Alps, in all seasons. I love hiking and skiing, photographing nature and rural life, and enjoying the local food there.

And of course, I like to party with colleagues after work. It gives me a chance to blow off steam, strengthen working relationships with colleagues and create a sense of belonging. After all, the most important thing is that we enjoy what we do and appreciate the people we work with every day.

On a trip to Paris, what should definitely be on our “bucket list”?

It takes a lifetime to discover and appreciate this city. There is so much to do and my recommendation definitely always depends on the mood of the day. Today I would recommend you to visit the Marché des enfants rouges, the oldest roofed market in Paris, to enjoy the Parisian flair. Italian delicacies for lunch are offered by the Passerini Restaurant. And then perhaps a stroll through the Jardin des Plantes, the Quartier Chinois or along the Seine. To end the day, head to the trendy So-Pi district or the cocktail bar at Perchoir du Marais.


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