10th Anniversary of INVERTO’s Austrian Office

One big Family

Rudolf Trettenbrein is INVERTO Austria’s Managing Director. He was born in Salzburg, studied law at university and has extensive experience in retail and the consumer goods sector in Europe. In this interview, he reports on INVERTO’s first ten years in Austria, finding a new home, and the ambitious goals he has for his team.

Why did you choose INVERTO back then?

It was a new challenge for me. I only knew consulting from the client side. The immediate impression I got at my interview in Cologne was a good feeling about the company. I wanted to be part of this company, to bring this successful concept to Austria and lay the foundations for a new team there.

Can you briefly take us back to those early days?

In February 2012, I started from scratch with the task of finding clients, building a team in Vienna and making INVERTO known in Austria. I used my existing network and experience from my previous job to promote the first few projects and win clients. Since then we’ve managed to impress a large number of satisfied clients from every sector with the services INVERTO has to offer.

The Vienna office is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Looking back, what has changed during this period?

I started alone. A little later, I was able to recruit Michael Strohschneider as the first INVERTO member of staff in Vienna. Together, we rose to the challenge to win over Austrian clients to the INVERTO approach. One year later, when we were still just a small team, we rented a shared office every Friday so we could exchange ideas
one day a week and build up a team spirit. We only moved into our own office in the DC Tower in 2016; this has made a great home for our team. Since we’ve been part of BCG we’ve developed much faster, of course. The team is growing rapidly and the office is starting to get too small for us. It’s been really great for me to be a part of this and help shape the future.

Apart from that, what have been the highlights for you over the past ten years?

We’ve been able to carry out so many terrific, successful projects. The best ones were the projects where we could work on a complicated topic and win over a happy client who would sometimes become a new friend. There have also been some special project locations that make a welcome change, such as Dubai, Oslo, Barcelona, and Casablanca. We also love traveling to visit our southern neighbors: Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia. As well as that, there have also been countless unforgettable team moments and events, often with our international colleagues in Vienna. It’s difficult to choose just one highlight.

What’s so special about the Vienna team?

We really do have a great atmosphere in Vienna. Everybody supports each oth. We give particularly warm welcomes to our new colleagues and make sure they are integrated from the start. We’ve also managed to recruit a lot of female staffand currently boast a female quota of over 60 percent. I’m very proud of this achievement. It’s particularly important to me that staff feel comfortable and I am happy that each one of them can take the opportunity to come to me, whenever they need to and for whatever reason. My colleagues are like my family and I feel responsible for all of them.

How do you see things developing in the Austrian market in the future?

We will continue to try to support as many Austrian clients as possible with their procurement and supply chain projects. However, it’s also important for staff to be involved in international projects, so we want to network even more closely with other INVERTO locations and also with BCG colleagues in Cologne and Vienna and neighboring countries. I’m confident that successful development will continue as before.

What’s an absolute must on a visit to Vienna?

Vienna is always worth a visit. The old imperial city boasts many historically important and traditional places of interest that are always good to sees, including the Prater Park, the first district, the historical buildings on the Ring, Schönbrunn Palace, the old imperial palace, the Hofburg Palace, and lots more. There’s also lots to offer when it comes to food, that more than lives up to Austria’s reputation as a country for fine dining. In Vienna, it’s easy to enjoy your work and do well, and it’s even easier to live, party and relax. Everyone is welcome here and if you’re planning a trip to Vienna, just let us know. We’ve got plenty of valuable tips for whatever you fancy.

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