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Mohamad KaivanManaging Director , London

Mohamad Kaivan is an industrial engineer and worked as a consultant in London, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai, among other places, before joining INVERTO in London two years ago.

He mainly advises clients from the retail and consumer goods industries as well as the energy sector. Kaivan specializes in organizational development, transformation, and value creation. He is also part of INVERTO’s Private Equity practice.

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Philipp Polterauer and Mohamad Kaivan have been Managing Directors at INVERTO since the beginning of the year. In this interview, they talk about their motivation and the plans they want to pursue in their new roles.

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The golden quarter was somewhat tarnished last year, with high street chains and consumer goods producers hit by a perfect storm of longer lead times, inflationary and demand-linked cost increases, and sustained disruption to labour across the globe.

Three new Managing Directors for INVERTO - Dr. Gökhan Yüzgülec, Philipp Polterauer and Mohamad Kaivan now strengthen the management team.

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