Marcel Weber, Senior Project Manager at the Cologne office, gives advise to newcomers

How did you come to join INVERTO?

I joined INVERTO as a consultant after completing my Masters degree at the ESB (European School of Business) in Reutlingen.


How easy did you find it to settle in and communicate with your new colleagues when you joined the company?

After a short settling-in period, during which some admin issues were sorted out and I was introduced to my colleagues as a new employee, I went with my project team to visit the customer so that I could assist them on-site. There was a very pleasant working environment, and right from the start all my colleagues offered to help me whenever I needed it. Doing things with colleagues after work, like weekly football games and getting together for dinner, also made it easier for me to settle in. It helped me get to know my colleagues on a personal level, which has a positive effect on the overall team spirit.


What did you do before joining INVERTO?

Before joining INVERTO I did a dual Bachelors degree in Logistics at the EUFH (European University of Applied Sciences) and a pre-Masters programme at Robert Bosch GmbH, followed by a Masters in Operations Management at the ESB in Reutlingen. During this time, I was also able to do a semester abroad in Moscow and an internship abroad in Bangalore.


What has been your biggest success at INVERTO so far?

My biggest personal success at INVERTO so far has been optimising an international customer’s very complex outbound logistics structure. Although the customer was sceptical about the project and the optimisation potential was judged to be low, we managed to provide the customer with clear added value and a competitive advantage within the industry through process, cost and quality improvements.


In what ways has working at INVERTO been similar or different to what you expected when you joined the company?

One thing that has been a pleasant surprise and exceeded my expectations is the high level of individual responsibility I was given within the project team right from the start. This has enabled me to keep developing and improving my skills, both personal and professional, throughout the projects I have worked on. Another positive aspect is the great development and advancement opportunities that are open to you at INVERTO if you perform well.


What advice and tips would you give to a new colleague joining INVERTO?

If you’re really committed and approachable, both within your own project and when communicating with colleagues from outside your project team, you’ll find it easy to integrate into the company. This is important in order to create good networks for yourself within the company and make new contacts quickly.

It’s also important to take on board advice and constructive criticism from experienced colleagues, which will help you gradually develop your personal and professional skills.