Interview on raw materials management with Dominik Horsch


“We have minimized the risk presented by fluctuating prices.”

Gain strategic insights into efficient raw material procurement in our exclusive interview with Dominik Horsch, Senior Vice President of Global Procurement at dormakaba, a leader in access control and security systems.  This in-depth discussion reveals the innovative methods and strategic phases dormakaba employs to mitigate the risks associated with fluctuating raw material prices.

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What will you discover in the full article?

  • Expert strategies: Learn about the four strategic phases – avoid, plan, partially hedge, and fully hedge – that dormakaba uses to minimize price risks.
  • Cost efficiency: Discover how dormakaba orders raw materials at optimal times to save on costs, and how that impacts their overall budget and operations.
  • Advanced tools: Find out about the cutting-edge business and index intelligence tools dormakaba uses for planning and decision m
  • Operational insights: Understand the role of cross-functional teams in procurement decisions and how this collaborative approach enhances efficiency and accuracy.
  • Market leadership: Explore how dormakaba maintains its position as a market leader in the rapidly evolving field of access control and security systems.
  • Risk management: Learn how dormakaba’s strategic approach both mitigates cost increases and also secures their supply chain against unforeseen economic fluctuations like currency and interest rate changes.
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