Interview on raw materials management with Andreas Weigelt


“Green steel will play a key role.”

Dive into the transformative world of green steel in our exclusive interview with Andreas Weigelt, Head of Steel Procurement at Flender, a global leader in drive technology. Discover how Flender is paving the way towards a sustainable future with its ambitious carbon-neutral goals and the pivotal role of green steel in this evolution. Download the full interview today, and gain valuable insights into the challenges and strategies that are shaping the future of manufacturing and environmental responsibility.

Read the full interview to develop a perspective on the transition to a greener industrial future and understand what role your company can play in this transformation!

What will you discover in the full article?

  • Ambitious carbon-neutral goals: Understand Flender’s commitment to becoming carbon-neutral by 2030 and the significant progress already made in reducing carbon emissions.
  • Strategic measures: Learn about the specific actions Flender has taken to increase energy efficiency, use green energy, and enhance logistics to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Impact of green steel: Explore why green steel is critical for reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the industry and how it forms a key part of Flender’s sustainability strategy.
  • Supply chain transformation: Discover how Flender is tackling Scope 3 emissions by enhancing transparency with suppliers and aiming for complete lifecycle data integration.
  • Challenges and success factors: Gain insights into the obstacles to standardizing green steel globally, and the success factors necessary for establishing it as the industry standard.
  • Regulatory environment:Find out how new regulations – like the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive – are influencing Flender’s strategies and the wider industry.
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