Critical Raw Materials Act: Proactively shaping change

A new era for European industry

Unlock crucial insights on the European Union’s Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) and understand how significant an impact it will have on industries across Europe with our detailed article. The aim of the legislation is to ensure a sustainable supply of critical raw materials at a time of increased geopolitical tensions. Find out what strategies your company can adopt to benefit from the new regulations. Read the full article to find out what steps your company should take now.

Article highlights:

  • CRMA overview: Delve into the key aspects of the Critical Raw Materials Act, covering its ambitious targets for mining, recycling, and processing within the EU, to ensure raw material security.
  • Impact on supply chain security: Examine how the CRMA aims to reduce Europe’s reliance on single-country imports and mitigate the risks associated with geopolitical disruptio
  • Challenges and strategic responses: Explore the substantial challenges businesses may face, such as the acceleration of licensing processes and the need for increased production capacity within the EU.
  • Immediate actions for businesses: Develop an understanding of the role of raw material buyers, for example through more intensive cooperation with European suppliers.
  • Preparing for a sustainable future: Reflect on the long-term implications for the European industrial sector, especially sustainability and the revival of local resource extraction and processing.

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