How ZBB makes Procurement shine brighter!


Frank Wierlemann, Managing Director and Lars-Peter Hafele, Managing Director

While Procurement has found a seat at the top table and is mostly perceived to be a value contributor, maintaining this perception with disruptive concepts such as ZBB will be crucial for procurement to continue its success. ZBB is a companywide program and involves three phases; transparency, dual ownership and rigorous implementation helping procurement to be seen beyond their traditional role of a cost expert.

We believe at INVERTO that knowing the right role to play during these phases is not only important but almost certain to gain a win. Nonetheless roles cannot be played in isolation because within the framework of ZBB also lies key elements which needs to be understood and adapted for engaging all relevant stakeholders. In recognizing that different roles can influence perspectives join us in this session where we will focus on discussing ZBB and how playing different roles will make procurement shine brighter.



At this year’s BCG Procurement Roundtable, INVERTO focused on the great potential of procurement contributing to the value creation of companies. With disruptive and innovative solutions such as zero based budgeting, Managing Directors Dr. Frank Wierlemann, Lars-Peter Häfele, Rochelle Coutinho and Halûk Sagol demonstrated how to further strengthen the perception of procurement.