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Very big.

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Our events: very exciting, very refreshing, very authentic – in short, very INVERTO.

Could we arouse your curiosity about what very INVERTO means? And what it means to work for one of the most successful consultancies for procurement and supply chain management? Then take the chance and get to know us at one of our exclusive events. Who could give you a better insight into INVERTO’s culture and working methods than our consultants?

From a first look to personal conversations in a relaxed atmosphere to valuable trainings, everything is included. But all our events have one thing in common: they are not just recruiting events. With the INVERTO Spirit we make them very special events!

Decide what suits you best!

Our current trade fairs and events

INVERTO Insights London

This event is open to students, graduates, and professionals interested in exploring opportunities in management consulting. Are you approaching the end of your studies or have you recently graduated, contemplating a transition to a career in management consulting? We invite you to join us in London.

Further Career Events


21.-22.02.2024 | NOVA SBE Career Fair & Social Consulting Club Workshop | NOVA SBE Lissabon

29.02.2024 | OSCAR GmbH Workshop | Cologne Office 


01.03.2024 | Digital Career Forum for Women | RWTH Aachen

05.03.2024 | Interview Training and Career Presentation | University of Bath

07.03.2024 | Maastricht Business Days Spring Edition | Maastricht University

11.-15.03.2024 | Women Career Week | Cologne

12.03.2024 | SCOPE Workshop and Networking Event | Maastricht University

14.03.2024 | Online One-on-ones MaCCI Career Day | University of Mannheim

14.03.2024 | Workshop and Networking Event | University of Mannheim

15.03.2024 | Squeaker Consulting for Women | Cologne

19.03.2024 | International Business Fair 2024 | ESB Reutlingen