FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

All about your application

Applications are processed online via the INVERTO applicant portal. You will be asked to enter your basic information on the application form and upload your application documents (cover letter, CV and supporting documents). Finally, you will be required to answer a maximum of four questions, such as your earliest possible starting date. Very easy.
There is no application deadline, you can apply at any time and join at the beginning of each month. We try hard to keep the application process as lean and fast as possible, so that you will usually receive feedback on your application within a week. The entry can then take place very quickly or with a certain lead time, we are of course also guided by your wishes. Internships require a slightly longer lead time (approx. 6 months), as we only have a limited number of jobs available.
As a Consultant or Senior Consultant, you will initially work as a generalist and gain experience in various industries. Particularly in your first years of employment, we offer you the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, so that you can better decide in which industry you would like to specialize – although this is not a must.
Beginners with relevant professional experience in a certain industry are usually also employed in this industry, unless you want to get to know a new area.
The application processes are listed on the corresponding sub-pages depending on the target group.
You will receive further information with the invitation to the job interview. We will inform you in advance exactly on what you will be facing, what the process is like and who your interview partners are.
You will receive information on the content of the interviews with the invitation. In general, we attach great importance to getting to know each other personally. We would like to find out whether you are VERY INVERTO and whether you would fit in with us. We also want to give you the opportunity to find out if we fit you, after all, the interviews are a mutual getting to know each other. Therefore, think carefully about what is important to you and what you would like to know from us.


Your internship at INVERTO

The ideal duration for an internship at INVERTO is 3 to 6 months. However, depending on the job opportunities, a slightly shorter duration may also be considered.
Yes, we offer both mandatory internships and voluntary internships, for example as part of a gap year. It is not mandatory to be enrolled as a student during the internship.
Absolutely! An internship is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other. If both sides were satisfied and we like each other, you will get a recommendation and have the possibility of a shortened application process and therefore the best chances for a permanent entry. Many colleagues have already gone this way successfully before you and are very much encouraged by INVERTO.


Questions on your permanent entry

Of course, your academic development is also of importance for us. Therefore we release you from work and support you financially.
Basically, our consultants and senior consultants first gather experience in different industries. Many of our colleagues specialize in the course of their careers, but it is up to each individual to decide.
If you already have relevant professional experience in a particular industry, you will usually be deployed in that industry as well, unless you deliberately want to get to know a new area.
Of course many different aspects have to be taken into account in the staffing process, such as staff availability, individual skills and experience, specific customer requirements, etc. But individual wishes are always taken into account in the best possible way.
Our consultants are usually on-site with our international clients from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, we all meet at our respective home base – our Office Days are important to us because this is where we exchange ideas with colleagues in other project teams and with colleagues from Corporate Functions and get to know new colleagues.
Within Corporate Functions we offer various part-time models and in Consulting we are also working on introducing increasingly flexible structures. Our consultants also have the option of taking time off for up to 3 months if required. Home office is of course possible for all colleagues at any time by arrangement.
Our benefits include regular team events, fresh fruit in the office, exclusive company trips, a comprehensive insurance package, childcare support, home office and personal time out. But our best benefit is ourselves. Every single one. Our team. We stick together and have fun.