Digital Procurement Roadmap

Digital transformation has been the buzzword in recent years. Thousands of digitization projects have been launched across companies, new providers created, new methods (agile, sprints) applied and new units designed. However, the overview is often lost in the process: Which initiatives really create the greatest value, what internal maturity level should be achieved and what are the prerequisites for this?


Digital maturity: How to digitize your procurement process successfully

The tools and technical possibilities have changed a lot over the last five years, but the content priorities have remained the same. The main focus is still on ensuring delivery reliability, quality and costs.

By selecting the right measures and creating the basic prerequisites for this, rapid and measurable improvements in results are possible in procurement.


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For this reason, many CPOs ask themselves what is best suited to the digital maturity level of their company. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. The basis for the right approach to intelligently digitize procurement is to analyze the digital maturity level and prioritize the appropriate initiatives.

Implement your digital transformation with INVERTO at your side

As a procurement and supply chain management specialist, we offer our clients support in the implementation of digital transformation. We combine our in depth functional process knowledge and organizational know-how with our systematic and pragmatic approach. Our Digital Solution Navigator enables you to orientate yourself in the increasingly complex landscape of digital tools and to identify the solutions that fit your individual needs. With our Digital Procurement Navigator, we help you to evaluate
the digital maturity of your procurement, define goals and prioritize and plan digitization projects. We analyze not only the IT tool landscape, but also the organizational readiness. Thanks to our experience with digital solutions, we are familiar with a variety of tools for specific application areas and can provide you with the best possible overview.

Procurement organizations are changing

In particular, transactional, recurring activities in procurement will be increasingly replaced by automation. For example, the use of virtual negotiations or the reduced need for travel to meet with suppliers. In turn, organizational focus will shift to supplier management, innovation, and internal and external business partnering. Digital enablers such as Robotics and Advanced Data Analytics are skills that will play a central role in talent management, hiring and training.

Procurement organizations are changing

Digital maturity is not only about which software solutions are already in use in the company. To measure the level of digital maturity, requirements within the organization are also considered: Are processes clearly defined and structured? Is there a clear commitment from top management, defined responsibilities and budgets to drive digitization forward? Do employees understand the benefits and are they willing to engage in the development? Do the existing structures enable cross-departmental,
data-driven work? What skills does the procurement team have? In our maturity analysis, which is usually based on individual interviews and an analysis of tools, we compare expectations and the status quo. We use benchmarks of comparable companies as a measure of comparison. This assessment is the basis for developing a roadmap for the next steps towards digital procurement.

Enhancing digital readiness and technical requirements

12 dimensions of a successfull digital procurement strategy

How we support you in the digitalization of your procurement

  • Analysis of the digital maturity level
  • Overview of existing digital tools on the market
  • Identification of the appropriate tools to increase efficiency and enhance the value contribution of your procurement
  • Cost-benefit analysis: value contribution versus implementation costs
  • Development of a strategy and roadmap for your next digitization steps

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