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Prozessoptimierung bei INVERTO

Process Optimization – Increase Efficiency by Optimizing Your Procurement and Supply Chain Processes

Improve performance and reduce process costs in procurement and supply chain management.
In many companies, there is great potential to increase efficiency by optimizing your procurement and supply chain processes. Increased efficiency, cost savings and quality improvements can all be achieved by optimizing existing processes and integrating new processes. We support our clients with efficiency improvement programmes, restructuring or post-merger situations.

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How do we do it?

Our process analysis examines your entire value chain

Firstly, we work with you to analyse the existing procedural landscape, examining your processes along the entire value chain and check them for efficiency, benefit and comprehensiveness. From sales planning and strategic procurement processes to production and logistics planning, we compare your processes with our best practice solutions, supported by the INVERTO e-map benchmark tool. This structures problem areas and creates transparency, not only to identify vulnerabilities, but also to resolve them.

Establish new and efficient workflows

After existing vulnerabilities and potential have been identified, we support you in the further development and harmonisation of your procedural landscape. The goal here is to systematically and logically interlink your primary and sub-processes, placing particular emphasis on considering your individual company and procurement situation. We always use our many years of experience and best practice solutions as a mere starting point, developing customised solutions for your problem.

Clear roles and responsibilities for transparent process implementation

During the implementation phase, we create customised process manuals and documentation, such as procurement manuals, describing extensively optimized processes, their interfaces and routes. Our manuals also contain clearly defined roles for those involved, differentiating between tasks and authorities. In addition to manuals, you can also document procedures using process flow charts or instructions.

Establishing processes through workshops and process simulations

In practice, we often observe that interfaces with other disciplines, departments and external partners such as suppliers are playing an increasingly important role. This often means that implementing new processes is complex and time-consuming until new workflows work properly and smoothly, so we use a variety of tools to practice processes. In addition to training on the job in day-to-day business with a specialized INVERTO coach, process simulations are a good tool for running through new patterns in your team. We advise you on which form of implementation is the most suitable for your company and tailor training to your needs.


The results of Process Optimization:

  • Comprehensively increased efficiency
  • Sustainably reduced process costs
  • Increased compliance
  • Targeted minimisation of risks


Would you like to analyse the procurement and / or supply chain processes in your company and increase their efficiency?

Thibault Pucken and Lars-Peter Häfele are at your disposal for any questions regarding process-optimization.


Integrated value stream analysis to increase process quality


  • Strengthened internal financing by releasing tied-up capital
  • Improved performance and efficiency throughout the entire supply chain

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