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INVERTO Stockholm Office – “The journey has just begun”

André Thuvesson is the Managing Director of our newly opened Swedish office and shortly after opening the office, he found that INVERTO’s consulting services already receive a great response in “his market”. He is convinced that our corporate culture and mentality play an important role in this.

Your first contact with INVERTO was long before you started – we worked for the same client at your previous employer. What did you think about “the other consultants” back then?

Working with two consultancies for the same project and the same client is a big challenge. In this case, especially since I had been working for this client for more than a year on different topics. Then the INVERTO team joined and there was uncertainty as to how this would work. But the more intense the cooperation with INVERTO went, the quicker I realized that my values were the same as those of the others. Ultimately, we built a close relationship – through long nights of work and travel together.

How exactly did your change “to the other side” come about?

Our first discussion was over a beer in London, where we talked for the first time about the planned INVERTO expansion to Sweden. But at that time I wasn’t thinking about changing companies. Six months later, the management team from INVERTO contacted me again and we talked about the concrete plans for the new location in Stockholm. I recognized the great potential for INVERTO in Sweden and wanted to be part of this journey. By then, the timing was also better, and I was ready for a change. The selection process was very professional, and we had many intensive discussions. The “Cultural Fit” and the willingness to carry INVERTO’s corporate culture to Sweden were particularly important in this respect.

You have been with INVERTO for over half a year now – how did you experience this time?

Since I had already advised companies in Germany before and had a shared past with INVERTO, neither the company nor the German culture were completely new to me when I joined. The start was also very professional, I was warmly welcomed by everyone and received strong support from my colleagues. I’m also happy to already have made some really good friends within the company in such a short time.

When I came to INVERTO, the corporate culture and the work ethics in customer projects were one of the most important parameters for me. Now, half a year later, I am still convinced that with our exceptionally talented team and our strong focus on the needs of our customers, we will continue to celebrate great success – and now also in Sweden and in the Nordics.

What do you think are the biggest differences in mentality between Germans and Swedes?

Many Swedes have a very differentiated image of Germans. So far, I have not seen any characteristics in the Germans that I was very surprised about. In my opinion the biggest difference is that Germans get to the point much faster than the Swedes and generally communicate very directly.


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