What’s your story Daniela?

Hello, who are you and what brought you to INVERTO?

I am Daniela, 36 years old, and grew up in Merano (Italy).

For my studies in astrophysics I moved to Vienna where I lived for 16 years. During my doctoral studies I had several stays abroad, among others in Sweden and Chile.

After my studies, I changed to management consulting and started working as a senior project manager for procurement and supply chain consulting projects with a focus on consumer goods and health care. Due to my knowledge of the Italian language, I was often in Italy and was able to enjoy the good food and the friendly people there. After 5 years I received an interesting offer from Swarovski as Head of Project management supply chain in Tyrol. Since then, I live in Innsbruck and spend every free minute on the mountain skiing, trail running or mountain biking.

In search of a new challenge, I came across INVERTO and after the first interviews I was immediately convinced that I had found my new home!

What are you doing at INVERTO?

I am a Principal in the Vienna office. I currently support a client in the fashion sector in direct procurement.

You found the job of your dreams at INVERTO, of course – if INVERTO wouldn`t exist, what would have become of you?

Difficult question… but probably a pizza chef. After my A-levels, I worked in a pizzeria in Italy for a whole summer and I really enjoyed it.

Do you have a favorite place and why is it your favorite?

New Zealand. I love hiking through the wilderness for several days, and there’s no better place to do so than there. Especially because the most dangerous animal is the weka (a kind of chicken without wings that likes to snatch your food).

Which concert have you visited lastly and how was it?

Tenacious D in Munich on 2/12/2020. That was the last big event I went to before the Corona lockdown – and unfortunately it was really bad.


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