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Project case study: NORDSEE – making cleaning services standardised and transparent


Initial situation

As NORDSEE’s approximately 400 branches vary in terms of structure and customer frequency, procuring cleaning services is complex and, as with supplier management, is handled by each branch individually. This has resulted in a wide range of different contracts and limited transparency over the services performed and prices at the individual restaurants. As a consultancy firm specialising in challenging procurement projects, INVERTO was commissioned to explore the potential of optimising procurement.


The project sought to centralise the procurement of cleaning services, establish standards and reduce the costs of procurement, whilst retaining transparency at all times.

To achieve this, service requirements, prices and suppliers first had to be identified for each individual store, so a specific invitation to tender could then be issued to review and optimise the prices paid.


After analysing the range of services performed, a detailed questionnaire was drafted and an online branch survey was created to determine the relevant service performance parameters, which were used to draw up the individual specifications for each restaurant. To help improve quality, the service range was partially standardised, in cooperation with quality management.

On that basis, tender documents were prepared and sent out to pre-qualified suppliers. Once branches were thoroughly inspected, the bids received were validated and substantiated. This produced a short list of suppliers for the subsequent negotiation talks.

At the same time, a new standard contract for cleaning services was drawn up and rolled out across the company.

Once the tenders were awarded, about a third of the branches saw a change of supplier.


NORDSEE now has full transparency over prices, suppliers and the range of cleaning services performed at each restaurant, benefiting from a significant reduction in procurement prices.

Thanks to the standardised database and uniform agreement created as part of the project, services can be put out to tender and negotiated effectively in future, despite the inherent complexity, which has improved prices over the long term.


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