The Future of Procurement: Procurement Transformation

Attractive new products are the best way to stay ahead of the competition and achieve your own growth targets. These are the priorities set by managing directors and procurement managers throughout Europe, as shown by our current study on the transformation of procurement and thus the future of procurement with 185 participating companies.

The role of procurement in transformation

The competence of the procurement department required for the creation and implementation of innovation in the future represents the most striking change, especially since this area currently has a lower actuating value according to the assessment of the respondents. Is there a change in perspective for procurement in the future? What role do suppliers play as innovative partners? You can read this and more information on the changing role of procurement in our detailed article “Procurement Transformation”.

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Creating transparency and sustainability

Fridays for Future may have the highest public profile, but many consumers make their procurement decisions individually based on sustainability and social responsibility. The number of investors who incorporate these aspects into their investment strategy has also exceeded a critical mass. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly important to include the costs of resource consumption – in the form of CO2 certificates, for example – in the consideration, especially since the price of CO2 certificates, is already on the rise. The sustainability factor is also significantly influenced by the quality of supplier relationships.

Detailed contents of the magazine article:

  • The role of procurement in change
  • The supplier as innovation partner
  • Building blocks for the “new” procurement
  • Creating transparency and sustainability
  • A strategy for sustainability
  • Conclusion & recommendations for action

Further topics in the magazine issue:

  • Supply Chain Finance – Win Win Win!
  • New Silk Road – Shorter lead times and less capital commitment
  • Raw materials study – economic slump expected
  • Interview – Economic policy developments in China


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