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Whether hospital, rehabilitation clinic, care institution or outpatient service provider, whether in public or private ownership: limiting material costs is the central task for procurement. At the same time, it is necessary that category managers in the healthcare sector always keep an eye on innovations in order to ensure the best possible care for patients.

Thanks to our many years of healthcare consulting, we can support you in making the processes in procurement and supply chain management more efficient and in tapping the potential for long-term cost reduction


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Our procurement approach

In order to reduce material costs in hospitals and at outpatient providers, the classic procurement levers such as bundling and negotiating are often not sufficient. Standardisation and respecification of requirements are the more promising measures for healthcare providers. Procurement departments often do not have the necessary resources for these tasks in addition to their day-to-day business – which our experts bring with them and support your team in research, tendering, auctions, negotiations and onboarding of new suppliers.


How to reduce procurement costs

The supply chain of a hospital or other healthcare company is very complex and the demand categories are broad. That’s why we look at the entire supply chain when optimising processes in hospitals. In addition, we use existing data to optimise your hospital’s stock levels and stabilise the supply of goods. In this way, all materials are available in appropriate volumes and write-offs due to reaching the expiry date are avoided.


More on SCM

In the healthcare sector, digitisation is progressing only slowly – high investment costs combined with data protection risks are slowing down the willingness to innovate. The digitalisation of hospital procurement, however, can release great potential because it relieves buyers of routine tasks and offers scope for innovation and supplier management. You can find out here which steps are possible and sensible.

Through the close cooperation of our consultants with your procurement, the knowledge is anchored in your institution. In addition, our ITC training centre will train and coach your procurement department in individual further training courses on request.



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