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Digital Procurement

Today, the question is no longer whether a company digitises, but how it digitises to gain more insights and capabilites Digital solutions enable company’s to do the following:

  • carry out routine tasks and thereby relieve your employees
  • create transparency by making data available at the click of a mouse
  • increase your reaction speed, for example through continuous market observation

Procurement in particular is predestined for digitization. This is critical to support its main functionalities around various routine tasks and keeping up with high demand for transparency of expenditure and responsiveness. In turn, digitization projects in procurement will very quickly have an effect on results, so that success and additional benefits can be quantified concretely.

Successful digitization in procurement

The big challenge, however, is to find the right starting point for successful digitisation: In the meantime, there‘ss a wide range of software for all fields of action in procurement. It is therefore necessary

  • to precisely define your own needs
  • analyse the existing digital infrastructure to select tools that can be integrated via interfaces
  • To find starting points in your own procurement, where investment costs and expected return are in a positive relationship witheach other

With our expertise from 20 years of consulting in procurement and with our cross-sectoral expertise, we support you in setting up your procurement in an optimal digital way.


Get an overview of how you can improve your procurement performance through intelligent use of digitalisation and how INVERTO can help you.

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