How important is sustainability and the future development of sustainable packaging solutions? What role does the procurement department play in the development and implementation of sustainable packaging solutions?


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A brief summary of the whitpaper’s content

1. Comments from the market

2. Key findings of the survey “Sustainable Packaging 2020”

3. Deep-dive into the topic sustainable packaging

  • Relevance of sustainabilty and sustainable packaging
  • Future development of sustainable packaging solutions
  • Implementation of sustainable packaging: influencing factors and progress
  • How well is procurement prepared?

4. Recommendations for action: The path to a customized sustainable packaging strategy

5. Conclusion

Sustainable Packaging Study 2020

This whitepaper provides a detailed insight into the results of the “Sustainable Packaging 2020” survey. Over 145 experts from the packaging, consumer goods and retail industries shared their views on sustainable packaging in summer 2020 with INVERTO. We also outline how you can take a holistic view of this complex topic in order to identify potential and develop a customized, sustainable packaging strategy at company and product level.

A more detailed analysis – including our complete recommendations for action – can be downloaded free of charge below.

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Managing Director Contatto