For the 13th time, INVERTO sheds light on the raw material management of companies and corporations. The topic has never been as explosive as this year. From April 20 to June 6, more than 90 raw material experts and procurement decision-makers shared their opinions on the current situation in raw material procurement. Below you will find the most important results of the study, also with a view to the influence of the Ukraine war on raw material prices and supply.

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  • Companies feel threatened by rising raw material and energy prices:
    According to 90% of respondents, this factor has the greatest impact on business results. Especially since high energy prices will also increase the costs of raw materials, production and transport in the future. 81% continue to expect raw material prices to rise strongly or moderately.
  • Supply shortages remain a top issue in the medium to long-term:
    Respondents see the highest supply risk above all in oil/ gas, ferrous metals/ steel, chemicals, paper/ wood/ cellulose products and aluminum.
  • The Ukraine war intensifies the pressure on raw material prices and supply:
    The war’s impact on raw material procurement varies, but for most respondents, it does not lead to a significant tightening.
  • Procurement organizations prioritize resilience and flexibility due to the war.
  • The effectiveness of procurement is suffering due to increasing staff shortages.

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