Survey results: How does procurement react to COVID 19?

More than 100 managing directors, board members and CPOs shared their opinions and approaches to the handling of purchasing with the COVID-19 outbreak.

What concrete measures are purchasing organizations currently taking to respond to the crisis? In which areas is there potential to optimize liquidity and resilience?

Significant revenue impact expected from COVID-19

The majority of the survey participants expect that COVID 19 will have a significant impact on company turnover. About 70% expect a drop in sales of at least 10% in 2020 compared to the plan. Nearly one third even assume that the decrease in sales will be more than 20% compared to the plan for this year. How do the experts’ assessments vary in relation to the individual sectors? Are companies already confronted with bottlenecks in their supply chain due to COVID 19 or are supply bottlenecks expected in the future? Find out everything about the topic “Effects on turnover & the supply chain” and our recommendations for action in our presentation of results.

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Extract of the results: Measures – Resilience of the Business & Supply Chain

According to the results of the survey, the participants regard an adjustment of working capital and the implementation of scenario-based planning as the most effective measures in the area of liquidity. Here, too, the results vary greatly with the affiliation of different industries. The exact figures and further measures can be found in the free presentation of results.


Detailed contents of the results presentation “Reaction of the purchasing department to COVID-19

  • Management summary
  • Effects on turnover & the supply chain
  • Measures – Resilience of the Business & Supply Chain
  • Challenges & Outlook
  • Recommendations for action


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