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Whether companies are digitalizing their processes is no longer a question. New technologies and trends are not only changing our private lives, but also our professional activities. In our annual Digital Expert Panel in Vienna, Managing Director Philipp Polterauer spoke with renowned experts from various industries about the digital transformation and what it takes for companies to make it successful.

The thematic focus was on big data, digital procurement and addressed the questions of the advantages of digital offerings and the optimal environment for new innovations.


Philipp Bode, Head of Digital (Austria Novartis)

As one of the world’s leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, Novartis consistently relies on digitalization to develop and disseminate new medicines and innovative treatments even faster and better. Philipp Bode, Head of Business Excellence and Execution at Novartis, leads a department that develops tools and processes in the digital and analogue space to provide solutions for the benefit of patients.

In our Vienna Digital Expert Panel, Philipp Bode explains what digital medicine exactly means and how Novartis can provide its patients with such innovative tools. He addresses the benefits of digital offerings for patients and pharmaceutical companies and the key role of data in this context.

Dominik Michaelis, Head of Strategy & Transformation (AT&S)

As a global technology group and leading manufacturer of high-end printed circuit boards and IC substrates, AT&S is actively shaping the digital progress of tomorrow. Its technologies are used in all areas of life and shape industry standards, products and applications in key industries.

In our Vienna Digital Expert Panel, Dominik Michaelis, Head of Strategy & Transformation, talks about how to implement a digital transformation program in a dencentralized environment; about the application of a new procurement platform and why the new program is driven by push and pull.

Albrecht Karlusch, Managing Director (STRUCINSPECT)

The Vienna-based corporate startup STRUCINSPECT focuses on artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, Software as a Service and a community of experts, which are brought together in a B2B platform business model in the field of automated infrastructure inspection. By providing advanced digital services, STRUCINSPECT aims to make the world’s infrastructures safer.

Managing Director Albrecht Karlusch talks in our Digital expert panel about the founding of the joint venture as an internal “challenger”, the problems and importance of data flow and why collaboration was the key to success.

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Managing Director Contatto

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