What relevance does working capital have? How well is it managed? Which working capital levers are applied through Procurement? The findings from the survey taking different positions and various industries into account can be summarized as follows:

  • Significant increase in working capital relevance due to Corona
  • The Corona pandemic has a real impact on corporates and their working capital measures
  • Still significant untapped potential


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Working Capital Study 2020

The study comprises 65 decision-makers and procurement experts from various industries and countries. 50% of the participants state that their working capital is moderately well or
poorly managed. The higher the turnover, the better working capital is managed. The study also includes detailed findings on topics such as payment terms, payment periods, analysis of delivery risks and deficits in the measurement and management of working capital. The comprehensive results can be found in the White Paper.


Extract of the recommendations for action to optimize the working capital

1. Working capital needs a top position on the agenda

  • Ensure working capital is a recurring agenda point in monthly business reviews

2. Review the current status and collect any quick wins

  • Review current working capital performance comprehensively – covering
    steering, processes, systems

3. …


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