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Events, Sponsoring and Social Commitment

In order to do good in the long term, we at INVERTO support a variety of social projects through sponsorship, donations and organize our own charity campaigns. In addition to sponsorships with the SOS Children’s Villages and donations for regional associations and institutions, we have been supporting sporting aid campaigns such as the Cologne Bridge Run for years.


SOS Children’s Villages

Projects caring for socially disadvantaged children need support the whole year round, which is why INVERTO started supporting SOS Children’s Villages over four years ago. Since then 60 INVERTO employees took over godparenthood of children across India and China. These children not only benefit from our financial aid but also receive regular correspondence from their German helpers.




Cologne Bridge Race

Every year INVERTO employees participate in The Cologne Bridge Race - a15 km run over five of the city’s bridges. INVERTO offer a three-figure charity donation for each participant from the company and the runners get to nominate their favourite charity projects in advance. The INVERTO team competed for the 11th time at this year’s Bridge Race, and four-figure sums were donated to Dornröschen e.V., down-syndrom-koeln e.V., Die Arche and Nicolaidis YoungWings.





"Open your mouth against blood cancer" is the motto at INVERTO for the second time in fall 2020: INVERTO supports the DKMS (Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei).

For every employee who registers, INVERTO covers the cost of analyzing and classifying the saliva sample. While last year's campaign took place live in the Cologne office, this time everything was done online in compliance with Corona. Employees who wanted to register ordered their test kit at home and could conveniently send the samples back to DKMS by mail. Around 60 INVERTO employees have now registered with DKMS.

The DKMS collects genetic samples from citizens who are willing to donate their bone marrow to people suffering from blood cancer. For this purpose, saliva samples are taken to analyze the genetic material of the potential donor contained therein. If there is a match with a leukemia patient, stem cells are taken from the donor to help the patient overcome the blood cancer.


Learn more on the DKMS website




Enactus Aachen claimed 3rd place at the World Cup!

We congratulate the entire team to the success and the strong performance! As their business advisor, we received Enactus team of RWTH Aachen as our guests at our office in Cologne in order to prepare for the National Cup with our support and professional workshops. The team won the National Cup in Germany and could make it to Toronto, where a total of 33 country teams were represented. The trip was worth it: We congratulate the entire team to a strong third place!




Charity cyclist

Charity cyclist Thomas Krechel pushed his body to the limit during his “WieNice – from Vienna to Nice for a couple of cents” campaign. During his summer holidays, he set off from Vienna to cycle over the Alps to Nice collecting sponsorship money for every accomplished metre in altitude. INVERTO was the chief sponsor, donating 5,000 euros to children’s and youth projects in and around Cologne for the 33,241 metres’ altitude he covered.



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