White Paper: Raw Material Management during the pandemic

As a result of the pandemic, volatility has increased dramatically. In addition to prices, companies are burdened by the fact that not all materials are always available in the required quantities. In our white paper « Raw Material Management in and after the pandemic » we show – based on the results of the INVERTO raw material study – which aspects you should focus on in a consistent review of your supply chain in order to master the crisis in the best possible way.

The raw material crisis affects everyone – internationally as well as direct competitors. The most important thing now is to secure supplies in order to remain able to deliver. Companies that can continue to produce now have the chance to gain market share. Those who also invest a lot of time in negotiations, act skillfully and therefore accept lower price markups are more profitable.

Content of the White Paper:

  • Key findings of the INVERTO Raw Material Study 2021
  • The importance and development of raw material management
  • The pandemic’s impact on raw material procurement and supply
    • Supply: significant deterioration in nearly every category
    • Prices: no easing in sight
    • Price models: daily rates/spot market prices on the rise
    • Countermeasures: potenial still untapped
    • Resilience: stability remains questionable in times of of crisis
  • Recommendations
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