Sustainability & Packaging Study 2020


Everyone wants them, but no one knows exactly what they are: The criteria that packaging solutions must meet to be sustainable are not precisely defined.Nevertheless, the vast majority of the packaging manufacturers, consumer goods producers and retailers surveyed in our study assume that the demand for sustainable packaging will rise sharply in the next five years and are therefore looking for innovative solutions.


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Challenges on the way to sustainability in packaging

High product complexity, limited material availability and limited capacity in procurement hinder sustainable packaging solutions: Only 23% of respondents have sufficient capacity in procurement to drive new packaging projects. In addition, more than half of the respondents lack a sufficient market overview.

Additional costs through sustainable packaging solutions

Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable packaging solutions, but are not willing to bear the additional costs: Pressure to develop and implement sustainable packaging is mainly exerted by consumers and retailers. For 95% of the participants the implementation of sustainable packaging leads to additional costs. 53% of the respondents are of the opinion that consumers are not willing to bear the additional costs incurred.

The relevance & future development of sustainable packaging

When it comes to sustainability, it is important to keep an eye on new developments, as a lot of research is being done on new materials and recycling possibilities are constantly evolving. In addition to consumers, politicians are also exerting pressure: For example, the demands on material properties are increasing and quotas are being set for the use of recyclates.

Taxes and fines for the use of newly produced plastics are being planned, while the production of sustainable packaging will become cheaper over time thanks to economies of scale. Thus, the switch to sustainable packaging will also be financially rewarding in the foreseeable future.


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1. Management Summary:

  • Key learnings of the “Sustainable Packaging” survey

2. Study Results:

  • Importance of Sustainability
  • Relevance and Future Development
  • Degree of Maturity and Success in Implementation
  • Involvement of Procurement and Knowledge Base
  • Discrepancy between perceived and scientific Sustainability
  • Costs and Willingness to pay

3. Recommendations for Action:

  • Potential for sustainable packaging

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