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What’s your story Florian?

Please introduce yourself and tell us what brought you to INVERTO?

My name is Florian. I’m 27 years old and grew up in the Austrian state of Burgenland, about an hour outside of Vienna.
After a snowboarding accident and the subsequent recovery, I actually wanted to study physical therapy. But, after graduating high school, I was drawn to the University of Economics and Business in Vienna. So, I gave up on the idea of going into physical therapy relatively quickly and chose to pursue the world of numbers instead. After studying in Vienna for three years, plus a semester abroad in Madrid, I wrote my bachelor’s thesis on demand management in the beverage industry. At that time, I was interested in supply chain management and decided to do a master’s degree in exactly that field.

After finishing my studies in Vienna, during which I spent time abroad in Madrid and Dallas and also did an internship in Connecticut, I started looking for a consultancy firm that focuses on procurement and supply chain management. After extensive research and some interesting interviews, I ended up going for INVERTO.

What do you do at INVERTO?

After more than two and a half years at INVERTO, I’m now working as a Senior Consultant. Thanks to several projects in primary and secondary packaging as well as print media, I’ve built up special expertise in these areas. In my last project in South Tyrol, I gradually took over the project coordination and customer management, which meant I could gain some initial understanding of what our project managers do.


What was the coolest birthday gift you ever received?

I got the coolest gift ever when I turned 22 and my friends rented a tram. We turned it into a party tram and celebrated on the tracks around Vienna.

Of course, you found your dream job at INVERTO, but if you hadn’t, what would you have done?

If I hadn’t studied economics, I would have become a physical therapist to support injured athletes and help them make their comeback.

What was the last gig you went to?

Just a few weeks ago I went to see Wanda, an Austrian indie pop band. For all those who haven’t heard of Wanda, you have to listen to them! They sing in the Vienna dialect of German, so you might not understand everything, but they’re still really fun to listen to.


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