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Corporate Story INVERTO Managing Direactors

#INVERTOStory – Strategy and a Hands-on Mentality: The Keys to Success

The founders and directors explain how a start-up in Cologne has become an international company with offices in six countries.

Our company history stretches over a period of 19 years, 16 of them as a mid-size consultancy, and almost three as an independent subsidiary of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). This provides an excellent opportunity to review the history of INVERTO.

In our English-language video series, #INVERTOStory, our managing directors talk about the consultancy’s development from their unique perspectives. They start at the very beginning, when three outstanding procurement experts founded INVERTO in 2000.

Markus Bergauer, Kiran Mazumdar, and Frank Wierlemann had three things going for them: a good idea, plenty of drive, and the perfect mix of industry expertise. It was the first chapter of INVERTO’s success story…

Find out about the #INVERTOStory through the eyes of our managing directors, from the company’s formation in 2000, through the merger with BCG in 2017, to INVERTO’s vision for the future in the next 10 years.



Nowadays procurement means so much more than just operational purchasing. Value creation, cross-functional thinking, and digital transformation are strategies that are now crucial. INVERTO staff support this with their specialized skills and hands-on mentality.



The three founders, Markus Bergauer, Kiran Mazumdar, and Frank Wierlemann talk about the idea behind the start-up and what their plans were at that time. They also look beyond their own company and talk about how the role of procurement has changed since those days.

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